Training Run # 1

Running can seem a very daunting challenge depending on your fitness level, your training, distance you’re running, and your terrain/climate.

This morning my wife Ashley and I went for our first outdoor run together and my first outdoor run period in 11 months, and I wont lie it was a little hard getting up the motivation for us both to lace up those shoes and hit the ground running. This morning when we left home for our 30 minute run Calgary was sitting at a frosty 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit or -4 Celsius thus the toque and running mitts I had to wear. Once out there running though it was all worth it, the feeling of starting our training for our two races next month was one of great accomplishment, and physical well-being. Running together is a favorite activity of ours as well as a great way for us to show our support for each other by being there to keep each other motivated, and to celebrate our growing as runners together.

After our run it was time for us to sit down to a nutritious and filling breakfast consisting of: 2 eggs scrambled, 1/2 sesame english muffin with low-calorie margarine, tomato slices, 1/4 banana each, and a mug of black coffee each.

The rest of our day today will be spent relaxing around home, and then visiting my dad, step mom, and aunt for an Easter Saturday get together, and getting ready for our big Easter celebration tomorrow with my mom, step dad, grandma, sister and her boyfriend. Tomorrow will also be our first time seeing my sister since she has been pregnant, and most likely last time seeing her before she gives birth to our new baby nephew in late June (she lives in Northern British Columbia which is about a 12 hour drive from us here in Calgary).

Hope you all are having a safe and happy Easter Weekend (if you celebrate).



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