Thursday Snowday..

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta! Still the only city I’ve known to on any given spring day experience 3 or more seasons in a twenty-four hour span.

So was the case today. We went from a rainy spring afternoon just after lunch to a sleaty (is that even a word) autumn afternoon, to finally a winter wonderland tonight with over two inches of snow in the past seven hours.

This little predicament sadly forced me to scrap the idea of doing another training run tonight due to the extreme amount of fresh snow on the sidewalks and roads.  On the upside if you can call it that, tomorrow (Friday) we are expected to get back up to 46 degrees or 8 celsius, so hopefully the fluffy white stuff won’t  be with us long and I can get back out running either tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.

With the evening free and kinda just feeling the urge to stay warm and cozy and dry inside I compleated me and Ashley’s (wife) race entries for our two runs next month.  First race is the Sportchek Mother’s Day Run which we are doing the 5km/3.1 mile run, and then May 27 we have the 10km/6.2 mile portion of the 48th annual Calgary Marathon.  I was really hoping to compete in my first half marathon next month but due to a lack of training over the past year this sadly wont be a reality, but it gives me something to aim for next year right?
For dinner tonight I made a tasty little dish I like to “Vegetarian Rice Stuffing”.  Such a simple, tasty, and nutritious one dish meal.


1/2 cup uncooked brown rice (cooked)                                                               -2 cups steamed cauliflower                                                                                                     -1 120g box of  “Stove Top” stuffing mix (any flavor will work) cooked     -1 cup roasted chick-peas seasoned with cayenne pepper                             -2 tablespoons “Franks Red Hot” sauce

Place all ingredients once cooked in a large mixing bowl and stir together with large mixing spoon, and serve.  Serves 3 people.

Hope you all had a great Thursday and hopefully not a Snowday wherever you are, and wishing you all a happy and safe Friday the 13th tomorrow.



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