Finally….I get to run….again.

I would like to start off today with a “congratulations” to my baby sister Katelyn, and her now fiance Mike.  Katelyn and Mike became engaged over this past weekend, and are planning to “tie the knot” late next month, about one month before they welcome their first child.

Unfortunately Ashley and I wont be able to attend their wedding due to work scheduling, and the astronomically high cost of air-fare to Prince George, British Columbia that weekend.  However we are sending our best wishes to the “new” Newly Weds, it’s gonna be weird Ashley and I no longer being the “Newly Weds” at least in our families after getting married ourselves just six weeks ago tomorrow.

This afternoon brought so much joy to my week.  I was finally able to run again, for the first time in six days due to cold, snowy, and rainy weather here in Calgary.  Well today was still quite cool, but I mustered up the energy and determination to just face the cool weather and run.  Todays run also marked the first use of my new running shoes I bought this past Friday.  The shoes I chose are Adidas Furano 3 runners.  My first run in them and I have to say I absolutely love, love, LOVE them, they are incredibly light, and extremely breathable runners, and I got them at an amazing price at Costco of all places.  Who knew you’d find good quality and comfortable running shoes at Costco?

Today, new shoes and all I ran my best and fastest run of the spring, running 3.5km in 22:42:46 besting my previous best on the season by 58 seconds.  Way to go me!! Sorry but I had to give myself that little pat on the back.

I hope you all head into another weeks “Hump Day” having a great week filled with great food, fitness, health, and living!



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