Why Is It Always So Hard To Stay Motivated To Be Active?

Do you ever ask yourself “What could I do instead of running, or going to the gym?” well maybe it’s riding your bike, or swimming, or anything else active, but be honest and raise your hand if this describes you.  We all know this a feeling we all feel from time to time, so just be honest!


Here are 5 simple but highly effective tips to push that tush into shape!!


1. Be Honest With Yourself

Be honest just like you did in this opening, admit that you do procrastinate when it comes to working out, and that you will benefit from working out and being active.  If you never procrastinate you would be able to keep your workout regime a daily event, and you would never need or at least want a day or two or three off.  Being honest is the first step to turning our procrastinating habits around.


2. Just Press Play

The hardest part of getting out there running, cycling, practicing yoga, or others activities is just getting started.  In my experience if you’re contemplating going for a run, or to yoga, just lace up those runners, or grab your yoga mat and get your duds on.  Once you have the gear on or even in your sights you’re much less likely to change your mind on participating in the activity.  Other ways to get yourself going could be to have a workout or running buddy (someone to keep you motivated, and help keep you accountable to yourself.  Another possible motivator could be to sign up for a workout class or join a running group, as we are less likely to cancel on something we belong to or have joined.


3. Make Healthy Choices

Remind yourself about the outcome of your choice to either put off working out vs. the outcome of your choice to workout.  If you choose to play the lazy card you feel: guilty, stressed, antsy, or maybe even mad.  However when you choose to be active you could feel: happy, energized, rejuvenated, healthy, relaxed, excited to continue working out and being active.


4. Reward Yourself

While I don’t condone chasing a hard and honest workout with a greasy burger, and double chocolate milkshake, I do believe in rewarding yourself for your dedication and commitment to your health and your workouts.  I say give yourself a little reward every now and then for this.  Your reward could be a variety of things such as rewarding yourself with a healthy breakfast out on weekends after a morning run, or workout at the gym, or maybe allowing yourself an extra beer on a Saturday night as a reward for that 4 mile run or two-hour gym trip earlier that day.  You choose the reward just keep it as healthy and fun as possible.


5. Choose An Activity You LOVE

If you don’t choose an activity you LOVE it’s always gonna be more of a challenge for you to stick with it, just choose something active, and something that puts a smile on your face, and you’ll be good to go!




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