Training Run 8.

This morning I started the day off with my eighth training run, a 4.8km/3mile run in a time of 30:55.30, making this my best run thus far this year both distance, and speed wise.  Tomorrow will mark 21 days until my first actual race this year, the “2012 SportChek Mothers Day Run” in Calgary which I am registered in the 5km/3.1mile race along with my running partner and wife Ashley!  Two weeks after our first race we will be taking part in the “2012 Calgary Marathon” running the 10km/6.21mile race.

This mornings run was also my first opportunity to try out my new Nike “Livestrong” Dri-Fit running jacket that I picked up last night.  This jacket is AMAZING I will say.  It is very form-fitting for added warmth and wind protection, and it comes with a wicked awesome lightweight hood for those windy or rainy day runs.  The best part of this jacket for me was the cost, at only $69.99 + tax at SportCheck it was a purchase I just couldn’t resist purchasing, not to mention I have been wanting a warm, breathable running jacket all spring.

After our run this morning I had a rather un-orthodox breakfast/brunch combination, but heck since when are post run meals ever that orthodox?  My post race breakfast/brunch consisted of left over roasted chicken tortellini with tomato sauce from last night, along with grape tomatoes, a slice of multigrain toast with butter, and a big mug of black coffee.

The rest of my day has been filled with some shopping at Bulk Barn (yes a whole store dedicated to selling food in BULK), going out for lunch to FATBURGER, and now getting ready to head off to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s broadway musical “Cats”, with Ashley for a weekend date-night out on the town.

I hope this finds all you readers having a terrific weekend wherever you are, and doing whatever you’re doing!



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