What I’m Grateful For

If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you no doubt are aware that each month I take part in a photo challenge where you are given a list at the start of each month of a different photo each day that you are to take and post.

You’ll see that today’s #photoadayapril is of something that you’re grateful for, which got me really thinking “what are somethings I’m most grateful for?  Here is the image of my #photoadayapril of somethings I’m most grateful for, along with some other things not pictured.


The photo in the top left corner is a picture of three of my best friends: James 2nd from left, my best man Jordan 2nd from right, Dylan far right, my brother-in-law Ryan far left, and myself in the middle, just hours before my wedding last month on the Las Vegas strip. The photo in the top right is of my wife Ashley, my mom Nikki aka: “Eating, Living, Running”, and my kid sister Katelyn “kid sister Eating, Living, Running”. Lower left a warm bed to sleep in each night/shelter.  Lower right my selfless, beautiful, loving, caring, huge hearted love of my life wife Ashley, whom without I would be a lonely, and sad boy.

Other notable things I am truly grateful for are: the rest of my friends and family, my job, and my health which even after six yes six knee operations (2 open surgeries) I’m still able to run, swim, cycle, and do other activities which I love to participate in.

Finally I’m grateful for all of you who take the time to read, follow, and subscribe to my blog, twitter, Facebook, and instagram.  You’re reading, and interest in me, my life, and my blog keep me doing this.


Take time to realize what you’re grateful for in your life and to acknowledge those that help make you and you life what it is!! 🙂



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