Good Times With Grandma.

Tonight my family: Ashley, momma Eating Living Running, and step dad Eating Living Running, and I went for supper to my grandma’s retirement home for their “Spring Family Smorgasbord” for the residents, and their families.  We have been to a few of these family dinners at the retirement home before, and I have to say they put on a great, fun-filled evening of food, and laughs for all, and tonight was certainly no exception.  The supper is always set up in a buffet style with two buffet lines, along with wine, coffee, and tea service.

Dinner items I chose from the buffet were: fresh raw veggies and dip, tossed leaf lettuce salad, a pickle and olive tray, glazed carrots, and roasted potatoes.  For protein options I chose both chicken masala, and a slice of prime rib roast, along with a nice Merlot to wash it down.  Some of the food options I passed on included cold salads such as: pasta and potato salads, deviled eggs, cold salmon, cheese and cracker trays.

And just when you thought they couldn’t and wouldn’t offer any more food, they offer….

CHEESECAKE with a strawberry compote, and dessert coffee, and tea.


Nights like tonight always bring back warm childhood memories of spending summers, and holidays such as Christmas, and Easter with my grandma and enjoying home cooked comfort foods made with that special love and care that only a grandma can put into it.  These events are also very special to Ashley as she no longer has living grandparents of her own, so sharing my grandparents with me is a very special and important part of life for her, and I know that having time with us is very special for Grandma Eating Living Running as Ashley and I are her only grandchildren in Calgary, so for those reasons among others we always try to make  as much time as possible to spend time with and attend these sort of events at grandmas retirement home.


Here’s to hoping you all take time to spend with the special elderly people in your life, assuming you have these special people around!




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