Weekend Recap.

I hope you all had a terrific weekend filled with lots of fun, fitness, and food.  I would love to tell you that mine was, but I believe in being honest and holding myself accountable to you my loyal readers so here is the truth, my weekend was filled with all three of these in particularly the fun, and the food.  I did however go for a great 3 mile/4.8 km run this morning my time was a little back from what I would have liked it to be, but all things considering… I hadn’t run in three days, and I’m currently battling the start of a sinus cold I really couldn’t complain too much about my performance.

Now back to the start of my weekend:

Friday night Ashley and I attended our friend Matt’s birthday with about ten other mutual friends of ours and Matt’s.  Now the party was a huge success put on by our friends Jordan and Emily, and I was behaving myself in keeping my alcohol consumption to a minimum, I only had two glasses of Chardonnay, however one may not know it by what happened to my right hand that evening.

In a moment of macho male stupidity (yes I can and will admit from time to time I do commit this act, haha) I decided that as to not break the bag that was at the party filled with ice I would simply use my hand to punch the bag of ice to break the frozen clump apart.  Now yes the clump did break but so did the skin on my hand in several places leading to the need for a bandage, and a little self pity at my lack of insight into what might happen to my hand.

Yesterday/Saturday I was planning to start the day off with an early morning run which didn’t happen at all yesterday never mind early in the morning, in fact yesterday was a day spent in pajama pants and a t-shirt until about 3pm.  I did however manage to stay productive through my day by booking our flights and hotels for our trip to Vancouver, Quesnel, and Las Vegas this upcoming October.  We are going to Vancouver to see Madonna in concert on her 2012 world tour on Sunday September 30, followed by a quick trip up to Quesnel, British Columbia, to see my little sister and her soon to be husband Mike and their soon to be born baby.  The final leg of our trip will take Ashley and I down to Las Vegas for the Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day weekend.  I have planned the weekend in Vegas as part of an early birthday present for my beautiful wife.

When we booked our hotel in Las Vegas for that weekend we chose this as a great time to try out the travel booking site hotwire.com . Now for those of you not familiar with hotwire.com , you don’t get to choose the actual hotel that you’ll be staying at, you do however get to choose from different areas of the city, and the price that it will cost.  The website then tells you how many stars that hotel has and what it’s overall rating is, and once you have confirmed your payment the site at that point reveals to you the hotel you’re staying at.  We ended up rolling the hotwire hotel dice and ended up getting the Tropicana Hotel and Casino which is newly renovated, and highly ranked amongst the hotels on the strip in Vegas.  If you have anything to say towards the Tropicana please feel free to let me know as we’ve never been in it, only by it, and all we are going on are the pictures on its website, and internet reviews all of which though seem to be pretty impressive.

Last night we attended another birthday party, this time for our friend Deanna.  In true “Ben and Ashley manner” we showed up to Deanna’s “bring your own booze” birthday party with a bottle of Boone’s 4% alcohol wine beverage, no getting drunk or even close to off that baby, haha.


Today after our early morning run, Ashley and I headed out to the mall to do some shopping with her mom and have a bite to eat while we shopped.

I had a personal sized Spicy garlic Chicken pizza from Boston Pizza.  It was made with a spicy Szechuan sauce, red and green peppers, mozzarella cheese, chicken, and garnished with green onions, I highly recommend this pizza if you find yourself at Boston Pizza.

Tonight has just been a nice relaxing end to a busy but fabulous weekend, starting with a delicious and nutritious home cooked dinner of: Caribbean Jerk Salmon, roasted potatoes and zucchini, and asparagus, and some Sauvignon Blanc.



After dinner we decided what better way to toast the end of a wonderful weekend than to have a round of homemade margaritas, and have them in souvenir glasses from the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas that we got last month in Vegas for our wedding.


Now as I finish this blog entry I am ready to head off to bed seeing that it’s 11:25pm and I’m gonna be getting up for work in just under 6 hours.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend whatever you did, and that you all enjoy Monday and whatever it may bring your way.




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