#PhotoADayApril Photo Cahllenge 30 Photo Recap

For those of you following me on either Twitter, or Instagram for either iPhone or Android, you no doubt have seen me partake over the past 3 months in “Photo A Day” challenges created by @FATMUMSLIM where she creates a list every month with a different photo object or theme each day.  Each month the photo challenge is given a new “hashtag” or handle to help identify these photos.  April’s “hashtag” was #PhotoADayApril.

Here is a recap of my 30 pictures of #PhotoADayApril along with my caption for each photo:

April 1: “Reflection”

Time to kick off a new photo a day month with my #reflection on the happiest day of my life from last month!! #PhotoADayApril


April 2: “Colors”

Different “Colors” of cupcakes sooo cute #PhotoADayApril and no these cupcakes were not baked by me.  Thanks @lemcake 😉


April 3: “Mail”

This is all we got for #mail today boring mail day minus my Sports Illustrated, haha #PhotoADayApril


April 4: “Someone Who Makes You Happy”

Without a doubt the only good thing about waking up at 4:45am 5 days a week or getting up at 5:45 on a day off is seeing this face and knowing I get to wake up to it for the rest of my life. This makes me happy #photoadayapril


April 5: “Tiny”

Snack time!! "tiny" cupcake with coconut icing. #photoadayapril


April 6: “Lunch”

Everything pizza, meat lasagna, and diet lemonade. "Lunch" #photoadayapril


April 7: “Shadow”

That's the shadow of my head. Is my head really that big?? haha #photoadayapril


April 8: “Inside my wallet”

Inside of my wallet: Safeway card, visa card, license #photoadayapril


April 9: “Younger You”

A Younger me slugging it out in Little League way back in '94!! #photoadayapril


April 10: “Cold”

Best Apres Run drink.... Ice "Cold" water. #photoadayapril


April 11: “Where you eat breakfast”

My kitchen and dining room where I eat breakfast or at least start eating breakfast. #photoadayapril


April 12: “Stairs”

"Stairs" leading up to our floor in the condo building. #photoadayapril


April 13: “Something you found”

Just "found" this delightful $20.00 bill stuffed in my wallet. #photoadayapril


April 14: “How You Feel Today”

Very happy!! Almost as overly happy as this face going to see Titanic 3D in IMAX with my wife (pictured) is how I feel today!! Sorry but this is the best I could do for #photoadayapril haha 🙂


April 15: “Sunset”

No "SUNSET" to be had in #Calgary today it was overcast all day, so I must borrow this picture from San Diego last month. Wasn't very sunny that day but more than here today. Haha!! #photoadayapril


April 16: “Flower”

Pretty roses #flowers #photoadayapril


April 17: “Something you don’t like”

I'm not a big fan of being in the middle of my commute into work at 6:17am but alas it has to be done. "something I don't like" #photoadayapril


April 18: “Hair”

My mom and Grandma both have super curly #hair , guess that explains how I got curly too! Haha!! #photoadayapril


April 19: “Orange”

Double the #orange , my shirt and Ashley's dress at the San Diego Zoo last month on our #honeymoon #photoadayapril


April 20: “Something you drew”

Ben hearts Ashley. #somethingidrew if you can call it drawing, with my artistically challenged nature in paint brush. Haha!! #photoadayapril


April 21: “Bottle”

Which #bottle should I have? You didn't actually expect a non alcoholic #bottle from me did you? #photoadayapril


April 22: “Last thing you bought”

#lastthingibought other than food, my Nike LIVESTRONG DRI-FIT running jacket on Friday. #photoadayapril


April 23: “Vegetable”

#vegetable and dip platter made by "yours truly"at work today!! #photoadayapril


April 24: “Something you’re grateful for”

Just a few of the things "I'm "extremely" grateful for" my friends, my mom, and my little sister, a warm bed to sleep in (yes that bed is from the Marriott in La Jolla California) haha, and my amazing selfless loving wife Ashley!! :0 #photoadayapril


April 25: “Looking down”

#lookingdown out of my bedroom window at a shopping bag fluttering along the ground American Beauty style, haha!! #photoadayapril


April 26: “Black and White”

At 5:22am this is all my sleepy mind could think up, haha. Quiet train ride into work in #blackandwhite #calgary #photoadayapril


April 27: “Somewhere you went”

"Somewhere I went" last month on my honeymoon, Beverly Hills. CA. That's the hotel from Pretty Woman!! #photoadayapril


April 28: “1pm”

It's #1pm well technically it's 1:05pm and I'm making travel plans for this upcoming Thanksgiving/Columbus day weekend in #Vancouver and #Vegas #photoadayapril


April 29: “Circle”

#circle Spicy Garlic Chicken pizza for a late lunch with Ashley, and her mom (my mother in-law) @ashley_spoon and @ceejayfisher #photoadayapril


April 30: “Something that makes you sad”

"Something that makes me sad" coming home to an empty condo. Ashley gets home later than I. 😦 #photoadayapril


Here was the list of photos for April:


Here is the list of photos for the month of may.  I think you should all give it a try, and if you’re on Twitter or Instagram follow me on either at @benncarrier


Happy May everyone!!



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