10 Days To Go.

Today is officially 10 days until my first official running race of the year, the 2012 Sportcheck Mothers Day Run and Walk.  Ashley and I are both running the 5km/3.1mile race next Sunday, May 13 (Mothers Day).  If you’re still looking to register for this years race you still can at: http://www.mdrunandwalk.com

The realization that we are now officially in May 2012, and as of today only 10 days until race day lit the pervebial fire under my butt to get me back out there running and training for the race next Sunday.  Today’s training run I ran 2.1 miles/3.5 km in just over 23 minutes.  I wasnt overly happy with my preformance today, but at the same time I realize that it could have been worse, today the big thing was just getting back out there running after having taken the last three days off running due to a combination of the bad sinus cold I got at the end of last weekend, and an overly long week at work leading me to as a rule going pretty much straight to bed in the evenings once I have gotten home from work.


In preparation for a new month of running including two races I updated my iPod running playlist with some fresh new tunes for May 2012.

Last months running playlist


This months running playlist.


On a final note one of my brightest moments of the day came in the form of recieving my Income Tax refund cheque!


Hope you all had a great Thursday filled with fitness, and money making, haha!



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