Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Today was a very busy but very fun Cinco de Mayo right from the moment I woke up this morning, and going through right up until now.

This morning I went up to Lake Louise Ski Area in Lake Louise/Banff Alberta for one final day of snowboarding this winter/spring with my friend Matt.  Now I’ll be honest I’m not as a rule a big fan of May skiing or snowboarding, due to both a lack of snow, and what snow is left is for the most part has turned to slush making for some tough and at times un-enjoyable conditions, however having said that the opportunity to go to my favorite ski and snowboard resort in my part of the country for about 60% the regular lift ticket cost I couldn’t pass it up.  Now just as I predicted based on prior years of mid spring skiing and snowboarding the snow conditions were less than desirable.  At the top of the hill the snow was pretty decent but  there was so much fresh powder that had yet to be groomed it made for some tough times for me, especially given the fact that a freak accident in deep powder is what lead to the initial tearing of my ACL 16 years ago this is something that has in some form always kinda scared me ever since.  i did however each time manage to make it down the upper runs, but not without a few bad words and more than a few sits in the wet cold snow and trying to just slide myself down on my butt.  Now the lower runs were just pure wet, sticky, slushy snow, which makes for very difficult traction with the snowboard.

Now while there were some definite down sides to the day of snowboarding there were some very bright and positive sides, such as: warm sunny weather, fresh air, and a killer leg workout which you definitely get trying to glide through the heavy slushy snow.  Also the great friend time, and the ski resort food are definite pluses.

Today my ski resort dining menu included for lunch a grilled chicken burger with lettuce, mayonnaise, onion, tomato, and pickles.  Along with the chicken burger I had a jumbo cinnamon bun, and bottle of Coca-Cola.


After returning home this afternoon from snowboarding with Matt, Ashley and I went out for Cinco de Mayo supper with our friends Emily, Jordan, and Dylan, to Mucho Burrito for “Cinco de Mayo $5.00 burrito day”.


Tonight Ashley and I after dinner decided after a full day apart to have a married “Date Night” out at the movies.  Tonight we chose Jason Segal, and Emily Blunts new movie “The Five Year Engagement”.  Now this movie is from producer Judd Apatow (the producer of last years hit romantic comedy “Bridesmaids” ).  Five Year Engagement was a great couples “Date Night” movie filled with laughs, happiness, and even some sadness.  I will definitely recommend this movie to all the couples out there looking for a cute romantic comedy to go check out.


I hope you all had a great “Cinco de Mayo” no matter what you did or how you may have celebrated it, and hoping that your enjoyment and happiness continues into Sunday!



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