I Can’t Believe I Did That (Belief Can Overcome Anything)

As I talked about in my last post 16 years ago I first tore my ACL and have torn it another two times since then, and undergone a total of six operations on my right knee and numerous rehab stints to keep repairing it and regaining my strength in that knee and in my whole right leg.  Also I mentioned how I went snowboard one last time back on Saturday with my friend Matt and fell and badly aggravated the knee and sustained inflammation and re-swelling in that knee.

This is what my knee looks like today, a little larger and more pushed inward than normal. (3 days after snowboarding)

Against what some might say “Common Sense” staying off my knee for a few days and allowing the swelling and inflammation to subside, I chose tonight to do one more training run in preparation for this upcoming Sunday’s “Mothers Day Run” in Calgary.  So with my cross-trainers laced up and my custom-made knee brace on I ventured out to conquer the streets and run.



Now tonight based on the level of pain i was feeling and swelling I was experiencing I set as my goal for this outing to just finish my run, and hopefully run or at least lightly jog the entire route.  Starting off my course is a steep hill followed by a gradual incline for the first mile and a half or 2.5 km before beginning a gradual decline in the second mile and a half/2.4km.  Now i am a very positive thinker and always believing in myself and expecting nothing less than 110% effort in everything I do, and I expected a good honest effort tonight despite my knee troubles, but what I did I never expected.  Not only did I complete the entire course, and run the entire course, but I did it in the best overall time and at the fastest overall pace I’ve run this year.

I completed my 3 mile/4.9km training run in a very self pleasing time of 30:19:09 and at an average pace of 6:11/km and with the knee problems and to top it off in 71 degree (22 celsius) weather.

This run tonight just proves to me again that if you want something bad enough, and give an honest 110% effort, and believe in yourself you can overcome and achieve ANYTHING!!!

Thank-you all for taking the time to read about my little overjoyed accomplishment tonight, I just had to share it with you all!




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