Fun, Food, and Fitness Fair.

Today was a very welcomed day for me, after a work week of around fifty hours a day off filled with fun, food, and a trip to the 2012 Sportchek Mother’s Day Run fitness fair was just what this guy was in the mood for.

Chocolate Chip muffin French Toast.

Now I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my “Chocolate Chip Muffin french Toast” breakfast creation both today after a post on Instagram, and Twitter, as well as posts I’ve made about this creation in the past, so here is my recipe and description of  “Chocolate Chip Muffin French Toast”

INGREDIENTS: 1 chocolate chip muffin (cold not hot or warm), 1 large egg beat with 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp butter or margarine, 1 tsp icing sugar, 2 tsp maple syrup.

METHOD: Melt butter/margarine in hot skillet over medium-high heat, cut chocolate chip muffin in half and completely coat each half in egg and cinnamon mixture, place egg mixture coated muffin halves in skillet allowing egg mixture to cook onto all sides of the muffin halves, once all sides have been cooked remove the muffin halves from the skillet and place on plate, sprinkle icing sugar over the halves of muffin and finish off by topping with the maple syrup, and enjoy.  (1 full muffin serves 1 person)


After a late breakfast today it was off to the “fitness fair/race package pick-up” for the 2012 Sportchek Mother’s Day Run which Ashley and I will be running in tomorrow morning (Sunday May 13) here in Calgary.

Race bib number, race t-shirt, program, along with commemorative tote bag for all our race goodies.


This afternoon turned out to be perfect weather to sit out on a patio and enjoy lunch or some drinks which Ashley and I did.  We enjoyed double slush Long Island Ice Tea’s and Margaritas along with some “Nom Nom’s” (Food) on the roof-top patio at Joey’s Chinook restaurant and bar at Chinook Center.  I tried their Ahi-Tuna clubhouse sandwich and was completely blown away by how much I loved this sandwich with the smokey bacon paired with the rare cooked Ahi-Tuna I was in palette heaven!  This was the perfect atmosphere for a romantic couples spring lunch date in the sweet sun.


Tonight was just a lazy relaxing night at home as we prepare for our first official race of the season tomorrow morning, and while we are just starting out small by just running the 3.1mile/5km run, running an official race does require somewhat different preparation instead of just going out for a training or leisure run along the river.  One preparation we made was a carbohydrate and vegetable load up for dinner.  Tonight I made roasted chicken tortellini with tomato and mushroom sauce, along with a vegetable heavy garden salad including: cucumber, tomato, onion, and mushrooms with a chipotle mango salad dressing.


Aside from dinner tonight was just a low-key night for me made up of cleaning up my emails, watching my beloved Los Angeles Lakers advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs by eliminating the Denver Nuggets in a thrilling game seven that came down to the wire, and watching my beautiful wife Ashley sleep on the sofa next to me.

Yay LAKERS win!!!!


I hope you all had a great Saturday, and to all the moms reading this… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY tomorrow, you all deserve today for all that you do for your children, husbands, boyfriends, etc..  Mom’s you truly are the most special people in anyone and everyone’s lives and for that I take this opportunity to acknowledge and salute you and all you do, and to my mom (Mama Eating Living Running) “THANK-YOU MOM!!!”


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