Mother’s Day Run Recap.

Yesterday marked the 35th annual running of the “SportChek Mother’s Day Run and Walk” in Calgary.  This year was the 4th straight year Ashley and I have run this race, and for me the 6th year ever.  Of all my years running this race I can’t ever remember the race day conditions being more perfect, hardly a cloud in the sky and warm warm temperatures.

This years edition of the race saw over 20,000 runners and walkers take to the streets of south Calgary many of whom were running or walking with their mom’s (something I would dearly love to be able to say I did but my mom just isn’t a runner or distance walker).

View of the start line of the race prior to start time.


The running duo of Ashley and I.

Now while I was desperately trying to set a personal best for time in this distance (5km/3.1mile) I did run a strong race and achieved results that did make me very happy.  Here is some of what I accomplished in the race yesterday:

Total Time: 32:47
Final Place in Race: 537
Place in Sex: 320/957
Place in Division (division male 30-39 years):46/185
Pace: 6:07/km
Total distance: 5.35Km

The nicest thing for me about running this race every year is using it as a warm up race for the “Calgary Marathon” which I’m competing in the 10km/6.2mile run in just 13 days from today.  Yes I did overall well yesterday I still feel there are areas in which I can and need to improve on for the upcoming race, such as my pace and patience at the start of the race while everyone is jockeying for good starting positions.  I know these next two weeks will or at least should be filled with more training runs, and fitness in preparation for the “Calgary Marathon”.

Now while things were going for the most part my way yesterday morning there was one tragic moment after the race for me.  While pulling my iPhone out of my running shorts pocket I accidentally dropped the phone and shattered the touch screen, which ended up sending me to see the great people at the “Genius Bar” at the Apple Store to replace my phone to a brand new un-shattered iPhone 4.  Not that the “Genius Bar” folks need anymore praise, but I have to praise and thank them for all their help and understanding in my situation yesterday, and providing me at a fraction of the original cost a brand new iPhone!

Shattered iPhone and brand new iPhone after the “Genius Bar” visit.


Aside from the run, and the “Genius Bar” visit yesterday Ashley and I took her Mom, and younger brother, along with “Mama Eating Living Running” and “Step Dad Eating Living Running” out for a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch at Nick’s Steakhouse here in Calgary, gotta love brunch buffets after a solid run to start your Sunday morning.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day especially you moms, and a great start to the week today, and hoping an amazing Tuesday is in store for all tomorrow!!




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