Leap of Faith

Now I wanna start off by pointing out: in no way am I talking about taking a “leap of faith” in a spiritual/religious sense.  Instead I’m referring to doing something I wouldn’t normally or for that matter likely ever done before in my life.  The “leap of faith” I took today was going into two grocery stores on my own and by self and going specifically going to check out the Whole Foods/Natural foods section.  Now I know what you’re probably thinking… “What? Seriously? And you blog about food, fitness, and healthy living”.  Ok so here’s the scoop.  Until today I had been in many natural food stores, and sections at grocery stores, and found many helpful and yummy foods, but those trips had all been originated by my wife Ashley.  Today though after some prompting from the book I’m currently reading “The Skinny Rules” by Bob Harper, yes that Bob Harper (NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”) I decided today would be a great day to take as Bob likes to encourage in the book “Take a leap of faith”.

I started this book yesterday on the train ride into work yesterday morning, and continued reading this afternoon along with an afternoon coffee snack from Starbucks in the form of a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte (my favorite) while in the waiting room at my Dr’s office.  Now I haven’t gotten super far into the book, maybe about a quarter of the way but have already learned new rules and been reminded of other rules/tips for weight loss, and keeping the pounds off and maintaining that lean and mean figure we all want so desperately.

One tip I was reminded of was “Drink a big glass of water before every meal”.  Water being the best form of hydration for our bodies, as well as a metabolism stimuli, makes it one of the best and easiest weight loss tools.  Also I have been learing about some of the most common weight loss myths and the truths that we are all searching for, and some ideas for healthy foods that I have not been so aware of.

I am really into this book and the tips/rules that Bob has outlined thus far in the book, and I really look forward to hopefully finishing the book this upcoming weekend while Ashley and I are away visiting my grandpa in Vernon, British Columbia over the “Victoria Day long weekend”, yay for Monday off!!


The things I bought at the stores today on my little healthy/whole foods shopping afternoon are: a single serving of “Berry Infusion” Vega smoothie mix which I am saving for a smoothie that Ashley and I can make and enjoy together and try this Vega mix together.  Also bought a “Promax chocolate mint” protein energy bar.  Now I will point out that being someone who has severe nut allergies to all nuts minus almonds it is extremely difficult to find bars that I can eat so when I found this bar this afternoon I had to pick it up, and I can’t wait to try it out this weekend. The third and final product I picked up was an item I had never seen before but looked very yummy.  Somersaults crisp nuggets, I got the sea salt flavored nuggets and tried a couple of them this evening and I have to say so far very good!  All three of these products I will do a more in-depth review on next week.

Also while I was out shopping I picked up some fresh veggies such as zucchini, white mushrooms, fresh tomato, jalapeno peppers, and some deli ham and a pizza crust to make homemade pizza for my dad and I as he came over for dinner and to watch some NBA playoffs with me this evening.  I would have in keeping with all clean and fruit and veggie based products made an all veggie pizza tonight except that my dad would not have been into that much veggie and no meat, so a compromise had to be reached.

before/after cooking


Now as I said at the beginning of this post I will be going to visit my grandpa over this weekend and coming home to Calgary on Monday, so I will be taking a blogging break over this weekend.  I will write again Monday night May 21.  I hope you all have a terrific weekend long or regular length I just want you all to enjoy it!!



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