Okanagan Recap pt. 1

As I mentioned in my last post last Thursday, Ashley and I went to the Okanagan region in British Columbia for the Victoria Day long weekend to visit my 89-year-old grandpa in Vernon British Columbia.

The weekend started out very romantically Friday night with our night in Revelstoke British Columbia at a little mountain resort “Coast Hillcrest Resort”.

The dinner was the most romantic meal we had had together since just after our engagement just over a year ago.  We started the dinner off with a baked crab salad for an appetizer, followed by New York strip steak with smashed potatoes for the main course, and ended with a delicious New York cheesecake for dessert.  All while looking out the windows of the restaurant at the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Ashley and I overlooking the majestic Canadian Rockies.


Saturday started off in Revelstoke with a romantic sunny breakfast for two on the resorts patio (upper left).  For breakfast I had a veggie filled cheese-less omelette with fruit 9 grain toast, and my favorite black coffee.

Lunch in Vernon on Saturday in my mind was a picture I just had to show.  I had a 5 alarm beef burger but in place of the traditional burger bun I had the option of having my burger and all the toppings encased in leafs of iceberg/head lettuce, and with this offer placed before me I just couldn’t pass this offer up.  I highly recommend trying this next time you have some big leafs of lettuce and are looking for a lighter option to a bun.  Excellent idea “Red Robin”!!

After lunch it was off to do a winery tour at “Grey Monk family estate winery” in Lake Country British Columbia, to do a winery tour and an extensive wine tasting, and the purchasing of a few bottles of wine (like I’d go and not buy any, haha).

one of the many vineyards belonging to “Grey Monk Family Estate Winery”, and me overlooking one of them.


Sunday morning started with a great 7km or 4.35mile training run through a Polson Park in Vernon, British Columbia.  This was one of my final preparation runs before Ashley and I run our Calgary Marathon 10km/6.2mile run this upcoming Sunday morning.

The rest of the day was spent primarily with my Grandpa “Grandpa Eating Living Running” as he is the main reason for our trip this past weekend out to the Okanagan area.

“Grandpa Eating Living Running” and I


Ashley and I with Grandpa!


Ashley and I ended our day and weekend in Vernon much the same way we started it on Friday in Revelstoke, just the two of us and a quiet cozy yummy dinner.  For dinner we went to “East Side Mario’s” only problem is we forgot about the big bowl of house salad and Italian Wedding soup they bring you at “East Side Mario’s” when we ordered our main courses and an order of the bread sticks as an appetizer, haha!!



After dinner we had one final stop to make en-route back to our hotel for our final sleep.  We went to “Coldstone Cremery” for an indulgent dessert.



I hope you all had as good of a long weekend or if you had only a standard weekend I still hope it was as good and fun as my weekend was.




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