Calgary Marathon Race Day.

So here we are.  Sunday May 27 2012, the day of the 48th annual Calgary Marathon.  Just a quick bit of background on the “Calgary Marathon”:  the Calgary Marathon is Canada’s longest running marathon with the first “Calgary Marathon” being run back in the summer of 1963, and it was also the first marathon ever run in Western Canada.  Today the “Calgary Marathon” race weekend now features 5 races all held on the Sunday of the race weekend: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km/6.2 mile run, 5km/3.1 mile run and walk, and the “Kids Run”.  For more information on the “Calgary Marathon” please visit as this is the site that has provided me with the above information.

Fuel this morning in the car on the way down to the race: PROMAX chocolate mint energy bar. I bought this bar about a week and a half ago, and it ended up in my kitchen cupboard and I found it this morning while looking for a quick fix of energy before the run.  I highly recommend this bar for any lover of chocolate and mint, as well it is very filling and did keep me from bonking during the race.

Ashley and I prior to the start of our 10km/6.2 mile run at the 48th annual Calgary Marathon.


Todays time of 1:03:11 set a personal best for me at this distance by 52 seconds.  My race time today would have been even better had I not overextended myself between kilometers 7 and 8 where I lost some big time.  However thanks to my best race start ever I was still able to register my best 10km race totals ever this morning.

My beautiful and ever supporting wife Ashley and I with our finisher medals after the Jugo Juice Calgary Marathon 10km run.


After the race it was off to “Ricky’s All Day Grill” for some much-needed and much deserved breakfast with Ashley and her wonderful mom (my mommy in-law Cheryl).  Breakfast for me was a 3 egg vegetarian (cheese-less of course) omelette, and hash browns, with 2 slices whole wheat toast, and my usual coffee.


Once home from all the morning activities it was time to ice my knee to reduce the excessive swelling from the run and enjoy a nice hot cup of Blueberry tea, while watching some baseball on TV, and just getting some much-needed rest and relaxation after an excellent run and all round fun morning.


If you look closely you’ll find me on the results page.  I came in 685 out of 981 men in the 10km distance, and 107 out of 146 men in my age group.  These are all results that I’m only too happy to have achieved, Yay Me!!!


To all of you who have and continue to encourage and support me with my running, fitness, and my blog, THANK-YOU!! None of this would be nearly as easy to accomplish without your kind words, and especially the love and support of my wife, she is who keeps this boy’s butt going day in day out!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and to all my American friends I hope you have a great Memorial Day and end to the weekend tomorrow!



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