Camping: Good VS Bad.

I know what you’re all thinking.  How can anything camping related be bad?  Well, usually I would say the same thing, however when you’ve just recently signed up for your first ever half marathon there becomes a battle of good vs. bad in terms of the choices you make while out there sleeping under the stars in the woods.

One of the biggest battles I faced this weekend while camping with Ashley, and 6 more of my closest friends was the battle of what to eat while camping.  Yes I did have my share of unhealthy foods such as: hot dogs, potato chips, sour gummy bears, and yes beers, and even on saturday afternoon and entire bottle of Pinot Grigio all to myself.

I did however also make some very healthy choices such as eating lots of fresh fruit, minus the whole bottle of white wine Saturday afternoon not a whole lot of alcohol, and one of my favorite choices was bringing a bag of Vega whole foods smoothie mix which I made a shake & go smoothie with every meal on Saturday and breakfast today.

Other positive choices I made this weekend that I was pleased with were getting full nights sleeps both nights, and I also got my whole camping group to take part in a group toothbrushing session both Saturday and this morning before we all left the campground, which was very important to me both to look after myself physically, and also just because I sadly have a dentist appointment this upcoming Wednesday evening.

Ashley, Kim, and I partaking in Saturday’s group toothbrushing.


This weekend’s camping trip was designed to be an early birthday camping weekend for Jordan (my best friend aside from my beautiful wife), and it was a huge success and a great opportunity for all 8 of us to get out of the city for a couple of days, and catch up on each others lives, and get some much welcomed sun tanning.

Here are some more photos from our camping weekend.

Ashley with her “Wizard Staff” of beer cans!


Me with Dylan, Jordan, and Kim goofing around on an air mattress.


Kim and her beloved Bailey’s.


Birthday boy Jordan starting his morning off right!


This afternoon after returning home I made one final healthy/good choice.  I chose to lace up the old running shoes and hit the pavement for a 3.1mile/5km training run in preparation for my first half marathon which I’m running on Sunday July 8.


This weekend was a great weekend for me, and I hope it was for you too!!




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