I Will Do It!!

As I mentioned in last nights blog post I have recently signed up for my first ever Half Marathon road race.  I made the final decision to sign up for the race last Monday evening, after completing my “Calgary Marathon, Jugo Juice 10km”.

The Half Marathon I’m registered for is the “Stampede Road Race Half Marathon” on Sunday, July 8 2012 in here in Calgary.  In case you’re you’re unaware a half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21.09 kilometers which will make this the longest competitive running race that I will have ever attempted and trained for.

With this being the longest race I’ll ever run it is taking a lot of conditioning, training, and self-discipline.  One area of my life that has changed drastically over just the last 7 days is my diet.  Where I would in the past have eaten meals with a bit less care and attention and certainly snacks, I now am finding my self eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables, and even more whole grains than I was eating in the past.  Now before I continue let me set the record straight, I do eat more than enough of these, but with your first half marathon coming up in 34 days you can never eat too much of these along with lean proteins.

Training runs have also become a very regular part of my life right now, not all long runs but doing runs every chance I get.

Today was a shorter day at work for me as I was done for the day at 12:15pm.  With my now free afternoon I decided to come home make a delicious and very healthy fruit smoothie for lunch/pre-run boost.  I then embarked on a 5mile training run in a time of 50:27 and followed that amazing sunshine filled early afternoon run with a 16 floor stair climb in my condo building just for an extra little burn.


After my run and stair climb I met up with my dad “Papa EatingLivingRunning” for some mid afternoon birthday drinks and snacks to celebrate his birthday today.

We went to a bar near my place called “The Blind Monk”.  For my snack I ordered grilled chicken dumplings, and I must say these were the GREATEST dumplings I’ve ever had, any kind of meat, and any type of restaurant. My dad and I had a wonderful birthday visit, and chatted some about my upcoming half marathon race next month.

I hope you all had a great Monday, and I’m wishing all of you all the best in your Tuesday!



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