Sunday Training Run.

Today brought forth yet another training run for me in preparation for my “Stampede Road Race Half Marathon”.  However today also brought cold and extremely windy weather to Calgary, which self admittedly didn’t help really motivate me to get out today for my training run.  Ashley and I had contemplated and tried exploring solutions to the weather factor today and what I came up with was trying a training run indoors on a clay running track instead of going to the gym and running on the “Dreadmill”.  “Dreadmill” for those of you who’ve never heard me use this word it is my word for “treadmill”.  I call the “treadmill” a “dreadmill” cause I very much so dread running on it cause I find it boring and somewhat fake, largely because of the fact that when I run on it I feel that I’m going nowhere and running a very robotic artificial run, whereas at least on an indoor clay track I’m at least travelling and moving somewhere.

For the run on the clay track we went to “Westside Rec Center” where our good friend Jordan works as a personal trainer, and he has asked us to come visit him at work before, so today seemed the perfect opportunity for us to accomplish both my training run and visit Jordan at work.

For a pre-run energy boost I made a fresh fruit smoothie at home for the drive to “Westside”.  The smoothie was made up of fresh grapefruit, strawberries, banana, acai berry yogurt, non-fat vanilla soy milk, and protein powder.

My training run today was a 3.25mile run in 29:56:83 burning 480 calories.  It had been over 3 years prior to today since I last ran on a running track seriously which took a couple of laps around the 433 meter track for me to get accustomed to once again, as well as “Westside” being very hot and humid inside today.  However despite these somewhat minor obstacles I ran my fastest 3.25miles ever, which I was more than pleased with.  The two things I really loved about my first ever visit to “westside” today were the fact that the running track instead of being a traditional oval track it was in the shape of a club encompassing the inner perimeter of the building so the scenery was always changing and never at any point in my 12 laps of the track getting boring.  Also I loved the smoothie and fro-yo/coffee bar we visited after the run.

With 4 weeks to go until the half marathon I’m planning to embark on a heavy upcoming week of training for the run, with hopefully an eight to ten-mile training run this upcoming weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend filled with happiness and joy, and a great upcoming week!



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