My Nephew Landen.

This past Monday, June 11 2012 my wonderful kid sister Kate, and her husband Mike welcomed their first child and my first niece or nephew; beautiful baby boy named “Landen”.

Tonight’s blog entry I’m dedicating completely to showing off my precious baby nephew through the initial pictures I have received over the first 3 days of Landen’s life sent to me by “Mama Eating Living Running” and my sister/Landen’s mom.

Landen just moments after his birth.


Pictures of Landen being held by his Grandma, and Grandpa (mama and step dad Eating Living Running).


Isn’t he just so adorable?


Landen says “Hi world, my name is Landen!!”


All cute babies need their rest.


I am so proud of my sister, and brother-in-law, and so happy for them and their latest addition to the family Landen, and so excited to be the best uncle I can be along with my beautiful wife Ashley to our first nephew!!



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