Weekend Recap.

Happy Sunday evening everybody, I hope you all had a terrific weekend whatever you got up to.  My weekend was an amazing, and amazingly busy weekend pretty much from start to finish.  Here is my June 22-24 weekend recap.

Friday after work Ashley, her mom (Cheryl), and our closest couple friends Jordan and Emily went out for a group dinner to a legendary Calgary restaurant “Ed’s” downtown in Calgary’s Victoria Park/Beltline district.  Ed’s is a Calgary dining institution largely thanks to their famous chicken wings in particularly their “Suicide” flavored chicken wings.  After dinner the five of us went to “Yuk Yuk’s” comedy club to see legendary stand-up comedian Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey from tv’s Full House).  As amazing as Dave Couiler’s show was the highlight of the night for me was getting to meet and chat with Dave for a short while after the show.

Saturday brought a busy but fun day started with a late sleep in until 10am which when you normally get up around 4:30-5am Monday thru Friday is definitely a wicked sleep in.  We really started the day off with a trip to “Phil’s Pancake House” for a Saturday morning brunch.

My apple cinnamon pancakes at brunch.


After brunch and running a few errands it was time for me to run in all likelihood my final long run training run in preparation for the Stampede Road Race Half Marathon in two weeks on Sunday July 8 here in Calgary.  For yesterdays run I ran 10.33 miles all along the Bow River in a time of 1:57:29.  This run gave me the opportunity to run through rain, wind, and quite honestly rather cool temperature, but a great training run nonetheless. 

Last night Ashley and I went out for a sushi date night dinner to a sushi restaurant not too far from our condo called “Kinjo Sushi”.  My two favorite dishes there were the “Alberta Roll” named for our province, and made with Teriyaki beef, and complimented with a side dish of steak sauce for dipping, along with the “Alberta Roll” was the “Hot California Roll” my other favorite sushi dish from last night.

This morning was another epic sleep in morning as is evident in this photo.

Me and my oldest childhood plush toy, a brown teddy bear named Brownie.


The rest of our day today has been spent between grocery shopping where I picked up a wide variety of protein/energy bars, and “Honey Stinger” fruit energy gummies for me to have in preparation for my upcoming Half Marathon in two weeks.  After grocery shopping and coming home to put groceries away it was off to the movies to see Prometheus in 3D. This latest film from legendary film maker Ridley Scott was an epic save the world disaster extra terrestrial film especially in 3D.

This pretty much covers my June 22-24 weekend.  I hope you all had a great weekend whatever your weekend may have brought you. Have a terrific upcoming week of work, school, or any other daily activities you may take part in during the week.



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