Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone. Today was Canada’s 145th birthday, it become a self-governing dominion of Great Britain on July 1, 1867.

What better way to start off my 9 days without Ashley (for those who don’t know she’s on a week-long Mexican cruise out of Long Beach, Ca with her mom) than with a fun-filled July 1?

This morning I started the day off playing 9 holes of golf with Papa Eating Living Running.

Hole 3 at Harvest Hills Golf Club.

Now I will be honest right off the bat, I played absolutely horrible golf today at Harvest Hills Golf Club here in Calgary.  Today I sadly shot a 55 for 9 holes which for the non golfers out there that’s 19 over par which is truthfully pretty horrible, but I’m gonna blame it on the fact that I hadn’t played a single hole in 9 months, and an abundance of stupid shot choices made by me out on the course today, a problem I hope to rectify tomorrow when I play 18 holes with “Step Dad Eating Living Running”.  Despite my horrible play today I will admit I did have a great time visiting and getting exercise with my dad, which to me were the most important things to my round today.

Luckily Papa Eating Living Running and I finished our round just in time before Mother Nature decided Calgary needed yet another good soaking.

We received what I and most Calgarians thought to be more than enough rain over the past 2 weeks, but just for good measure we had an afternoon and evening today that saw even more rain arrive and tonight even our first actual hail storm of the summer.  This crappy weather did sadly halt my plans for a final or maybe second last training run in preparation for the Stampede Road Race Half Marathon next Sunday.  This weather forced me to remain inside for much of the afternoon and evening, but a fun-filled day was still to be had.

Tonight along with Momma and Step Dad Eating Living Running I went up to Airdrie, AB to visit my grandma, and take her out for dinner.  For dinner I had Chicken Souvlaki, with rice, Greek salad sans cheese of course, and a tossed salad.  This was a great visit as I hadn’t seen my grandma in almost 4 months (since 11 days before me and Ashley tied the knot).

Tonight after returning home from Airdrie I got stung with the urge to do some baking for my week of being home alone.  Also I had 4 over ripe bananas which just so happens to be what I need to bake a loaf of Banana Chocolate Chip loaf, but I did sadly encounter one minor problem: I had no chocolate chips, but I was able to rectify this predicament  by using pieces of semi-sweet chocolate and in a double boiler melting them down and pouring melted chocolate in the loaf batter, and making a Banana Chocolate loaf.

In tomorrows blog post I will definitely let you all know how the “Banana Chocolate loaf” turned out.

as I write this “Happy Canada Day” blog post I find myself having a little night snack of delicious cherries, and a night-cap of a Lime Margarita.

I hope all of you here in Canada had an amazingly wonderful 145th Canada Day, and all others I hope you had a great Sunday and weekend, I though must now head for bed as I have an early 6am wake up time tomorrow for another round of golf at about 7:40am.



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