#Photoadayjune Recap

For any of you who don’t follow me on Instagram at @benncarrier each month for the past three months now I’ve taken part in a monthly “Photo a Day Challenge” on Instagram created by @fatmumslim. Here is a recap of the 30 days worth of #photoadayjune pics I used in June.  Beside each date I will state the theme of each days photo.

June 1: Morning

Best parts of a Friday #morning : not having to get up so early tomorrow, and #starbucks #photoadayjune


June 2: Empty

My tent is the opposite of #empty there are 8 of us in here and there’s still room!! #camping #photoadayjune


June 3: On My Plate

“On my plate” Jerk Salmon, roasted zucchini mushrooms and onions, and quinoa. #dinner #nomnomnom #photoadayjune


June 4: Close-Up

“Close-up” of me on the train heading into work at 6:07am Monday morning #happymonday #photoadayjune


June 5: Sign

Probably my favorite #sign ever. This may be a #sign I have a slight problem. Haha!! #photoadayjune


June 6: Hat

Dug up my Cowboy #hat exactly 1 month today the centennial Calgary Stampede kicks off!! #calgary #photoadayjune


June 7: Drink

12:30 #drink run to #starbucks mine is the mocha coconut frapp in the middle. #photoadayjune


June 8: 6 O’clock

“6 o’clock” dinner and drinks time!! @ashley_spoon ‘s left over Tony Roma’s food from yesterday, beer, and lots of hot sauce!! 🙂 #photoadayjune


June 9: My View Today

“my view today” well actually views tonight from the observation deck at the Calgary Tower prior to a romantic dinner with Ashley #calgary #photoadayjune


June 10: Best part of my weekend

“best part of my weekend”… Romantic dinner with Ashley last night atop the Calgary Tower!! #love #calgary #photoadayjune


June 11: Door

View out of my patio “door” #calgary #photoadayjune


June 12: From a low angle

“from a low angle” 3 downtown #calgary office buildings. My building is the middle one. #photoadayjune


June 13: Art

Egg, Bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried mushroom and onion on a whole wheat bagel. #breakfast food #art #photoadayjune #nomnomnom


June 14: Time

“Time” it’s so precious to us all. Who knows how much of it any of us have. Let’s all make the most of the time we have!! #photoadayjune


June 15: Yellow

#breakfast on-the-go banana, grapefruit, strawberry, yogurt smoothie in the #yellow #packers cup!! #photoadayjune #nomnomnom


June 16: Out and About

“Out and about” on a Saturday with Ashley and the in-laws (Cheryl, Gerry, and Ryan) #photoadayjune

June 17: In my bag

“in my bag” my iPhone running armband, sport beans, and Running Room magazine. #photoadayjune

June 18: Something you don’t know about me

Something you don’t know about me: I’m a huge fan even maybe an aficionado of Winnie the Pooh and all things Disney as a matter of fact. #Disney #photoadayjune

June 19: Imperfect

Imperfect: I’m imperfect, I just always do my best at everything I do!! #photoadayjune #nobodysperfect

June 20: Fave photo I’ve ever taken

It would be so hard for me to pick my all time “Fave photo I’ve ever taken” but this is definitely one of them. This was taken on Ashley’s university convocation day 2.5 years ago!! #photoadayjune

June 21: Where I slept

Obviously my side of the bed as Winnie the Pooh lives here!! #whereislept #photoadayjune

June 22: High Angle

A high angle view of an afternoon traffic jam in downtown #calgary #photoadayjune

June 23: Movement

#movement of the traffic on the freeway today in Calgary. #calgary #photoadayjune

June 24: On my mind

Two things that are always 100% of the time “on my mind”: my beautiful wife Ashley, and food!! 🙂 #photoadayjune


June 25: Something Cute

Something Cute: my 14 day old nephew Landen!! #photoadayjune

June 26: Where I shop

Not necessarily where I shop, but where I shopped for my buddy Jordan’s birthday gift!! #photoadayjune

June 27: Bathroom

#bathroom we have a very fun and somewhat eclectic mix of stuff in our bathroom from our ROXY shower curtain to Disney face cloths #photoadayjune

June 28: On the shelf

Me and Ashley’s #starbucks city mug collection “on the shelf” in our cupboard. I see #sandiego #losangeles #seattle #kualalumpur #edmonton #vancouverisland #atlanta and more. #photoadayjune

June 29: Soft

My oldest plush toy, I’ve had him for just over 30 years. His name is Brownie and he is very #soft . #photoadayjune


June 30: A friend

Not just “a friend” she’s my best friend, the love of my life, and my beautiful loving wife and now she’s gone till Sunday July 8. She’s Ashley!!! #friend #wife #photoadayjune


I hope you all enjoyed looking at my pictures and reading the captions of my 30 photos from #photoadayjune .  I can’t wait to share July’s photos with you at the end of the month.



2 thoughts on “#Photoadayjune Recap

    • Aww thanks Erica!! I too adore you’re love for Starbucks, and fitness, and especially your husband, and your beautiful Kay!! Love reading your blog and seeing your pics, and thanks for reading mine 🙂 . Have a super Sunday!!

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