Happy July 4th.

Happy 4th of July everyone, or for those of you non-americans who don’t still celebrate the United States of America’s Independence Day: Happy Wednesday!  I hope whatever your Wednesday July 4th brought your way you had an amazing day.


I spent my July 4th here in Calgary Alberta, Canada, working since our countries birthday “Canada Day” was back on Sunday and we had Monday off work.  The past couple days have been quite busy and go-go-go days.  Here are a few snapshots of my last couple days.

Yesterday after work I went to have a visit with “Grandma ELR”. Very rarely do we get to visit just grandma and grandson so this visit was kinda nice.


Last night I took Ashley’s mom and brothers dog out for a walk. His name is “Diesel”, he such a cute little nugget of a dog.


This evening I completed my final training run in preparation for this Sunday’s Stampede Half Marathon. Everything feels good, so lets hope that feeling continues Sunday morning.


Tonight’s dinner was a super delicious and simple dinner that I got the brilliant idea from one of my favorite bloggers: Stephanie at http://www.epicuriousrunner.com and on Instagram at @epicuriousrunner . It is whole wheat pasta, with a tomato sauce and topped with a fried egg for protein. I just added a few random vegetables from my fridge to the tomato sauce.


Now that you know how I spent my last few days, and especially my July 4th (working, running, eating) I would love to hear how you all spent your July 4th 2012.



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