Welcome to the 100th Calgary Stampede and Exhibition.

“Welcome to Calgary, home of the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition” is a common line you’ll hear when visitors arrive at Calgary International Airport, and for I will admit good reason.  The Calgary Stampede and Exhibition is one of the largest and most world-renowned stampedes/rodeos and exhibitions/fairs in the world.  For 10 days each July hundreds of thousands of people will flock to our city in the heart of the Canadian Rockies for agriculture, heritage, musical, carnival, rodeo, drinking, and of course food purposes, and just to be clear these are people from around the world.  This year the Calgary Stampede is celebrating its 100th anniversary from July 6-15.

Now each year during the Stampede one thing there is no shortage of in this city is FOOD.  Both midway purchase food, and food in the form of free pancake breakfasts, and free bbq lunches, and dinners are more than bountiful.

A typical “free stampede breakfast” pancakes and sausage.

Now along with the food probably the biggest part of the stampede culture is how you look at stampede. Take for instance this fine-looking cowboy here, haha. 

In the morning of the first day of stampede each year there is the big Calgary Stampede parade.  In this parade you can find floats and marching bands not only from all over the city, province and Canada, but around the world too.  Now in addition to the main Calgary Stampede parade some districts/suburbs have their own smaller stampede parades.  This morning along with “Mama Eating, Living, Running” and my aunt and grandma we went to the “Bowness Stampede Parade” where “Step Dad Eating, Living, Running” was performing with other members of the “Alberta Fire Fighters Pipe Band”

Step Dad ELR is the tall one in the middle.

Lakeside Lutheran High School, Warrior Band from Lake Mills, WI. At the Bowness Stampede Parade.

After my morning of stampede parading and free breakfast eating I went back to “Mama ELR and Step Dad ELR’s” house for some visiting and sun, food, and beer on their patio.

Now as I wind down the night, and my last night without my beautiful wife (I’m so happy to have her back home by this time tomorrow night, a week alone is way too long for this boy), I must bid you all goodnight and quickly finish rounding up all my running gear ie: clothes, Garmin GPS watch, Honey Stingers snacks, shoes, and of course sunscreen, and knee brace, in preparation for tomorrow morning’s Stampede Road Race Half Marathon.

I will continue throughout this upcoming week to fill you in a bit more on “The Calgary Stampede”.  Also coming tomorrow (Sunday) I will post a full recap of tomorrow mornings half marathon.

Have a great Saturday night, and amazing Sunday.

Wish me luck in my race tomorrow morning! 😉



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