The Importance of R&R

First off I’m gonna apologize for the fact that this post is picture-free post, haha.

I am writing this post about one of those very important “Life Lessons” that I have just recently fully come to realize and truly appreciate.  The lesson I speak of is “The importance of R&R”.  Now R&R yes is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle, but especially and lifestyle that includes a heavy dose of physical activity, such as running, cycling, or a team sport, or really any physical fitness activity that you participate in on a regular and continuous basis.

Now in my case I am a huge fan of running, and this year I have already registered for four races and so far run three of them with the fourth race coming up on Sunday August 19 in Edmonton Alberta (Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon, Half Marathon) which I will be running with the love of my life and the biggest support in my world, my wife Ashley, as this is her first ever half marathon (my second, and second this summer).  However if there is just one thing I’m more aware of now than ever before it’s the fact that you can only push yourself and your body so far before it gradually starts to “buckle” and develop a dislike for you and your mind which is pushing it to perform at a high intensity level for a prolonged period.  My body is definitely beginning to get to this point in a few areas.  First off is my left ankle which has been acting up on and off for the last few weeks.  As well as my left knee tonight when I ran, I felt it saying to me “Take care of me and rest me, I’m your only truly good knee left”.  This is a result of my right knee having had 6 operations over the past 16 years to repair ailments ranging from a twice torn ACL to removing loose bone fragments.

Now as I earlier said, this run on August 19th will be my fourth race this year, and in a 3.5 month span making this my biggest racing year to date, not to mention my biggest running training year of my life.  Now don’t get me wrong: I’m completely overjoyed with my progress made this year, and the fact that I’ve come so far both in my training, and races this year not to mention my dedication to my health, and my running.  However today I came to the sad but very clear realization that me and Ashley’s race on August 19 in Edmonton will in all likelihood mark the end of my race, and hardcore (almost every second day training program) that has encompassed as of mid August 3.5 months.  After that race I plan to continue to run occasionally throughout the end of summer, and fall, and through the winter staying in great running shape for the 2013 running season.  I do however plan to partake in some major R&R and physical healing time to avoid further injuries, and worse operations.  But for now its 32 more days of hardcore training for the “2012 Canadian Derby, Edmonton Marathon half marathon” Sunday August 19th.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this post, and please if you have any thoughts, or R&R ideas for me after August 19 I’d sincerely love to hear from you.



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