Summertime In The City.

Who doesn’t love summertime, and everything that goes along with it?  From music, and concerts, to outdoor sporting events, and fitness to the weather.  These are all things that most of us in North America love about summer, and certainly those of us in Calgary, and much of Alberta Canada love about summer.  Over the last few days I had the good fortune of being able to experience all of these joys of summer.

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to see musical legend Neil Diamond live in concert with Ashley and her mom (Cheryl).  

Now while the concert was indoors at Calgary’s “Scotiabank Saddledome” it just came with that fun summery feeling.

I have to say if you’ve never seen Neil Diamond, and you have the opportunity to go, take it.  For a 71-year-old performer the guy can still rock a packed house especially with the ever popular summer sports anthem “Sweet Caroline”.

Yesterday Ashley and I enjoyed some afternoon beers, and eats with my “Papa ELR” before Ashley and I headed to the Calgary Stampeders v.s. Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL game.After patio beers, and food it was off to the game.  Now those of you who follow me on Instagram @benncarrier or twitter  @eatinglivingrun or @benncarrier or know me in person know that when it comes to Canadian Football League football I am a HUGE Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, and in being such I wouldn’t be able to miss Roughriders v.s. Calgary Stampeders game.  The rivalry between these two teams is similar to that of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears in NFL action, or Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in MLB.  So obviously I was cheering for Saskatchewan and so was Ashley by proxy, and I think also just to try to see me happy.  The game was great and controlled by Saskatchewan for the first 3 1/2 quarters but due to a complete collapse starting with a thrown interception the boys in green (Saskatchewan) blew a 17 point lead only to lose in overtime, a very hard loss for me to stomach but oh well such is life I suppose.

Today was a lovely Friday together for Ashley and I as we both had the day off, and what better way to start a Friday off work together than with a sleep in and romantic brunch for two?

Scrambled eggs with chili peppers, onions, and chives, with half a steak, and two slices whole wheat toast.

After brunch and a bit of house cleaning we were off for a training run for our upcoming half marathon in Edmonton, AB next month.  The run next month will mark my second ever and second half marathon this summer, and Ashley’s first ever, so we’re trying to train in a way that’s working for Ashley.  Now I’ve never really run with anyone right beside as I run, but I have to say it’s a very comforting thing and inspirational source having someone there cheering you on, and someone for you to cheer on.  Ashley is doing great with her training, and I look forward greatly to running this half marathon alongside my wonderful wife.

Now we are off to Innisfail, AB for a family wedding and some great and fun family time.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever yours may bring.



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