Summer Wedding.

There is just something so romantic and special about a summers wedding, wouldn’t you agree?  This past weekend Ashley and I had the privilege of attending Ashley’s Step Sister’s wedding about an hour north of Calgary in a small town named “Innisfail, AB”.  This wedding was a special and memorable wedding for us to attend in my mind as it was the first wedding we have attended since our own wedding 4 1/2 months ago.  One of my favorite parts was just sitting back, enjoying the ceremony, and reception and reminiscing about all the parts of a wedding that we discovered just a short while ago.

Some of the other highlights for me were: seeing my amazing father in-law Gerry, and step mother in-law Delphene, and her four daughters including Krystal who’s wedding it was.  Also the time I spent with Ashley, and my brother in-law Ryan in our car on the drive up to Innisfail Friday night, and the drive home yesterday.  Also I gotta admit the wedding favors which were chocolate roses made by Delphene, and little jars of homemade jams made by Krystal, were very cool parts of the wedding.  But most of all it was just so magical and romantic to witness the start of a beautiful life together in the state of marriage by a couple as perfect as Krystal and Brian.

Here are a few of the photos I have from the wedding back on Saturday:

Ashley and I.

Ashley and I again. 🙂


Ashley, her dad Gerry, step mom Delphene, and her brother Ryan.

This really was a great experience again especially given that Ashley and I just got married a few months back ourselves, and once again I wish my wonderful step sister in-law and her new husband a lifetime of happiness, and love.

Hope you all had as great of a weekend as we did.




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