Running Injury: Ankle.

As a runner it’s just inevitable that you will suffer any athletes worst nightmare: an injury.  A few weeks back I suffered what I’m going to classify as an “Unknown Injury”.  Now this particular injury is twice as frustrating to me as I one have no real idea how I suffered this or specifically what type of injury it is, all I know is that as I said I suffered it a few weeks ago (shortly after my half marathon on July 8), and is that it is an injury that is affecting my left ankle and underside of that foot.

Comparison in size between the mysteriously injured left ankle, and healthy right ankle.

I had spent the last few weeks trying to ignore the fact that I was having pain in my left foot and ankle by continuing to run, and perform other regular activities on them, however reality (that I need to ease off this foot and ankle for a week or two) did hit home yesterday as Ashley and I tried to do a training run for our upcoming half marathon on Sunday August 19 at the Edmonton Marathon weekend in Edmonton, Alberta.  I had made it 2.3 miles when I had to begin walking.  What was planned to be just a short walking break turned into a half mile walk only to sadly turn into ending my attempt at running yesterday given the fact that I was walking and almost in tears and almost screaming due to the level of intense pain I was experiencing.

Icing my foot and ankle.

Thankfully ice and painkillers have been helping somewhat over the past 30 hours, but they are still far from perfect.  During this upcoming week I am going to be trying to take it easy on this foot and ankle aside from working.  I won’t be doing any running this week before Wednesday afternoon at the earliest giving this injury approx 96 hours minimum without running but lots of ice, R&R, and painkillers. With my next race 21 days away I’m willing to entertain most any and all methods of recovery.

On the upside if there is one, suffering this injury and having to stop our training run less than 3 miles in yesterday did result in Ashley getting me a “pick me-up” Frozen Yogurt with gummy bears, and coconut last night, haha!



If anyone has suggestions or remedies for this type of injury please share them with me I will be beyond grateful to you.  Hopefully this injury heals quickly and effectively.



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