Dog-sitting Diesel.

This past Friday night Ashley and I embarked on a bit of an adventure for us: we dog-sat her mom’s Maltese Pomeranian cross: Diesel.

Ashley and Diesel.

Now this was the first time in the year that we have lived in our current condo, or even in the three years we lived in our previous condo that we have had any pet in our place mainly due to the difficulty of being a full-time working couple living in a condo building.

The reasons Ashley and I decided to try out dog-sitting this little cutie was to see how he enjoyed being away from his home, and adjusted to being in our place for a night.  I have to say it was a perfect overnight visit for all.  Also we want to be able to have Diesel be able to come and stay with us potentially if Ashley’s mom ever is away on vacation, or business, as well as just for a little puppy vacation every month or two.

I know this post really may not have been the most entertaining or pertinent but I just enjoyed this puppy visit so much I really wanted to share it and the pictures with all of you.

Thanks for taking the time to read.




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