Healing the Ankle Injury.

Last Monday my left ankle was hurting so badly that I had to go to a medical clinic to have it looked at.  I was thinking actually before going to the clinic that either the ankle or foot, or possibly both were broken, or at very least severely sprained.  As it turned out I was suffering only a mild “hyper-extension” of the ligaments in my left ankle.  I was instructed that I was to do NO RUNNING for 10-14 days to ensure it’s healed and ready to run my upcoming half marathon in Edmonton, AB on August 19.

After 4 full days of light weight barring at work and much rest and ice at home, I had a day off this past Friday.  With my day off I went to the “Talisman Centre” (a world-class fitness, and aquatic centre) here in Calgary.  I started the day off with a mild but good 30 minute ride on the stationary bike, followed by a strength training session.  I then pushed the envelope arguably a bit, but luckily not too much by doing a five-mile walk on the indoor walking and running track.

I survived a 5 mile walk on my ankle. Yay Me!!

Following the 5 mile walk, I did a 70 minute walk on the elliptical trainer.  From there it was time for a quick and nutritious lunch before hitting the 50 meter olympic size swimming pool for some lengths.  Lunch was a: Copa Banana smoothie, and Honey Stinger waffle cake. 

After my lunch it was off to the pool for a combined 2 hour swim and hot tub session.  Now swimming was something that as a kid and in my teens I excelled at especially in the freestyle, and butterfly strokes.  However over the past 10ish years I had kind of fallen out of swimming somewhat, but I am determined to get back into form and with the dedication I have shown to getting back into lean running form I am positive I will be able to achieve this goal as well.

Now after a 7+ hour workout and swim and a 1940 calorie burn day, what better way to  get the calories I need to consume for the day than with a whole pizza for dinner? Haha!! 

I have to say after that workout and swim, and a whole week of for me anyway taking it easy or at least kind of taking it easy my left ankle is well on its way to a full and speedy recovery, and already feeling much much much better, and am looking forward to it getting even better throughout this upcoming week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post!




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