We’re Half Marathoners Now!!

I think this picture pretty much is self-explanatory, but in case you havent made the connection yet… Ashley and I are now both Half Marathoners!!!  This past Sunday we ran together (side by side) in Edmonton, AB for 21.1km/13.1 miles to complete the 2012 Edmonton Marathon’s Half Marathon race.  This was my second ever half and second in 6 weeks, while this was Ashley’s first ever half.

We completed the half marathon doing a run/walk combination in a time of 3:14:52 and had an absolute blast doing it 110% together and at points even hand-in-hand. As this was Ashley’s first ever half marathon I felt it very important to be with her the whole way to keep her both company, and encouraged on this long 21.1km, and the feeling I felt doing this was one of extreme happiness for her and her accomplishment, and also a sense of pride in myself for getting her ready and keeping her motivated to complete such an at times daunting task as this.

photo courtesy of marathon-photos.com

Me along the race route in one of the many paparazzi-esq photos that were taken of me.

Upon completion of the race; both the half and full marathon participants were treated to a post race brunch buffet with all sorts of yummies including: scrambled eggs, ham, pancakes, fruit, juices, coffee, pastries and more.  What better way to re-fuel and relax after a gruelling 21.1 or 42.2 KM run then with a free brunch buffet?

This race marked the end of my race (not my running, just my race) season for 2012.  I completed 4 races: 5KM/3.11mile, 10KM/6.2 mile, and two half marathons this spring and summer, as well as countless training runs.  This was not only my biggest running year in terms of how many races I completed but also just in terms of my level of training and number of practice runs done.

So with my biggest running year completed I’m certainly looking forward to a somewhat restful and relaxing fall and winter, but just as much looking forward to a hopefully as big if not bigger and even better 2013 running and racing season.

Me with my 3 “finishers medals”: 10KM and two Half Marathons, from this race season.


I hope you all have had a great week and are all looking forward to the upcoming weekend, and to all you runners out there I hope you had at least one great run this week, and also have been able to inspire at least one other runner this year to push themselves Further, Harder, and Faster.  I know many runners have done this for me this year!





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