X-Fest, and Labour Day Long Weekend.

Good Tuesday evening all you lovely readers out there.  I hope you all had a wonderful and restful Labour Day long weekend.  My long weekend was both busy and restful at times, but above all it was AMAZING!!

Here are just some of the highlights from my wonderful Labour Day long weekend:

Saturday Ashley and I attended X-Fest “Calgary’s New Rock Festival”.  This festival is put on by Calgary radio station X-92.9 “Calgary’s New Rock Alternative”.  This was the second year this festival has happened in Calgary, and the second year that we have gone (last year being the first).  We just went for the second half of this years show but managed to see the 4 biggest bands there (we were intending to see 5 but sadly Incubus had to pull out due to a severe illness to Brandon Boyd their lead vocalist).  The bands we did however get to see were: FUN., Young The Giant, Silversun Pick-ups, and the band I was most excited for Linkin Park, oh taking a trip down memory lane over the past decade with Linkin Park, haha.

X-Fest also marked a first for me, it was my first time experiencing a Calgary Food Truck or really a food truck of any sorts.  We tried two different food trucks, the first of which was “Fries and Dolls” for gourmet french fries, and the second was “Noodle bus” for beef Pho.  I will admit while I was a bit skeptical about both, both food trucks completely blew my mind with both their selection of items, as well as their quality of food products.

Here are some pictures from our day at X-Fest.

The ever popular “Fries and Dolls” food truck.

Fries from “Fries and Dolls”


Beef Pho from “Noodle Bus”

Silversun Pick-ups on stage Saturday evening at X-Fest.


Linkin Park closing out X-Fest 2012. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen.


Sunday and Monday:

Sunday was a pretty low-key day minus our coffee maker having an electrical short mid brew (it’s now gone to coffee maker heaven).  We also went to BodyFlow class at the gym.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with “BodyFlow” it’s a part of the Les Mills group fitness classes and incorporates elements of Yoga, Tai-chi, and Pilates.  This is definitely one of my favorite forms of exercise especially in the group fitness area.

And Sunday evening we went to family Sunday dinner at Mama and Step Dad ELR’s house to celebrate my baby sister and her husband, and their adorable baby boy “Landen” moving back to the Calgary area, as well as my Uncles birthday.

Monday was spent primarily running errands and eating yummy food, as well as a quick stop at the gym for “BodyFlow”.

Gotta have the mat if you’re gonna do the Flow! haha


The ELR’s: Mama, Step Dad, Moi (Me), Ashley, and left to right on the bottom: baby sister Kate, my “Phew” Landen, and my brother-in-law Mike.


Uncle, Grandma ELR, and Mama ELR


Monday morning pre “BodyFlow” brunch at home.


Best post “BodyFlow” snack: VEGA Sport Chocolate Coconut bar, and grande Skinny Vanilla Latte from SBUX.

Nothing beats a Labour Day afternoon stop to “The Happy Place” aka: MENCHIE’S for Fro-Yo Yo!


Thank-you for taking the time to read my latest post it really does mean a lot that you did, and I truly hope you had a fantastic Labour Day weekend whatever it brought your way!

Keep Smiling!!



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