Eating Living Running Photo A Day October.

We’ve all seen them and little doubt that we’ve almost all tried at least one.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about the monthly photo-a-day challenges.  I have myself taken part in 3 of these photo challenges, the ones I have participated in are: Australian blogger, Fat Mum Slim’s (, Fitmixer (, and Lululemon’s (  Now I have enjoyed taking part in all three of these challenges and have great appreciation for all three of these, so much so that I am starting my own monthly photo-a-day challenge starting in October 2012 using the hashtag #ELRphotoadayoct .

What exactly is gonna be #ELRphotoadayoct ? It will be the photo-a-day challenge brought to you by me and this blog “Eating, Living, Running” and it will run on the Instagram platform.  It will be a great way to start, end, or kill sometime during your day by taking and sharing fun photos each day through the months with others on Instagram, and then if you choose on Facebook, and Twitter.  Each month there will be a new list with a picture that is to be taken and shared each day of the month.  Picture inspirations could be: food, a place, an activity, an object or really just about anything.  I will provide everyone with the current list prior to the 2nd last day of each month for the upcoming month.  One of the best things about this challenge is there is no winner and there is no loser so if you miss a day, no harm no foul, just pick up and jump back on board the next day.

Now as this is my first attempt at this please be patient with the topics and if you have constructive and positive feedback please do share it and I will do my best to improve the lists with each month.  Also if you are interested in participating please do and tell your friends/followers about this challenge and lets see just how many people we can inspire or at least make smile or laugh with our photos.  If you are interested in participating in this challenge starting next month and you have any fun ideas for photo-a-day inspirations please let me know and I will do my best to incorporate some of your ideas into the October list, I will be creating the October list the week of Sept 17-23 so please have ideas in by then.

Remember we will be using the hashtag: #ELRphotoadayoct and happy photo-a-day October 2012!



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