The Joy of Simplicity.

What better way to unwind after a long hard 50+ hour work week than with a weekend of pure simplicity?  This is exactly what my weekend was.

This weekend was consisted of really just 4 well 5 activities if you count sleeping.

The first activity was what I will say is most mens dream activity on a weekend: watching sports.  I started the weekend off with watching my beloved Boston Red Sox defeat the Toronto Blue Jays in baseball on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and watched other baseball game over the first two days.  Along with baseball on Friday and Saturday I spent Sunday afternoon and evening watching NCAA football I DVR’d Saturday night, and Sunday night football.

The second simple activity I enjoyed this weekend was visiting time with my family in particular my Uncle, and Aunt who were visiting Calgary this weekend from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  Last night (Saturday night) Ashley and I went over to Mama ELR and Step Dad ELR’s house where we had a large family dinner of pizzas and beer and visited with my Uncle and Aunt.

The third simple yet gratifying activity I took time to enjoy this weekend was eating.

Some of the food highlights I enjoyed this weekend include: pizza and beer family dinner last night at Mama ELR’s house, my first breakfast in a week that was not in the form of a nutritional shake (I had Cheerios with banana and fat-free milk, and coffee and water) this morning, what has become a weekly tradition for Ashley and I: a trip to Menchie’s in Airdrie for Fro-yo, and probably the first lunchy sandwich I’ve had in about a year today (turkey, cucumber, and lettuce with hot sauce).

Finally the last simple activities of my weekend were just taking time to get some physical fitness in.  Yesterday I went for my first run in 3 weeks.  I ran 6.22 miles/ 10 km, and not only did I run 10 Km but I ran my fastest 10Km time of the year at 1:01:54.

And yes I did finish the run with what has become a staple for me: VEGA sport Vanilla recovery nutritional shake.  Today for some fitness Ashley and I went to our weekly BodyFlow class at our gym before counteracting the benefit of BodyFlow with our trip to Menchie’s.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and that you all took the time to enjoy the simple activities of your weekend life.

Also just a reminder from my last blog post, if you’re interested in taking part in the inaugural “Eating, Living, Running, Photo a Day” challenge for October it’s not too late to submit any ideas for daily inspiration topics as I will be compiling the final list next weekend.  Ideas can be submitted in the comments section on this page or e-mailed to me at: .  If you’re looking for more information on the upcoming Photo-a-Day challenge it can all be found in my last blog post.

Hope you all have a great Monday and start to another week.



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