Long Overdue Madonna Concert Review From September 30.

Here I return after an almost two-week absence from blogging.  Let me quickly fill you in on what was the cause for the absence, I was on a 9 day vacation that took me and Ashley to Vancouver, British Columbia; and Las Vegas, Nevada until 2 days ago, but am happy to be back communicating with all you wonderful readers again.

During the time we spent in Vancouver I was able to cross off an item from my “bucket list”, this item was….. seeing Madonna live in concert.  I will admit I have been a huge Madonna fan for as long as I can remember and have waited for years in fact 2 decades for this opportunity, and I will say this; it certainly didn’t disappoint, in fact it was easily the greatest and most entertaining live performance I’ve ever seen, even Ashley who isn’t a big Madonna fan agreed that it was an amazingly wonderful concert.

At age 54 the Material Girl has more energy on stage and enjoyment of what she does than most 20 something artists do.  From the moment she opened the show with “Girl Gone Wild” off her latest album MDNA all the way to ending the show with “Like A Prayer”, and “Celebration” she had the 17,000+ in attendance wrapped around her finger.  I will say that she doesn’t really do a “wholesome” or PG-13 show but let’s be honest with ourselves she hasn’t really gotten to where she is in thew world by being wholesome or family friendly, instead she has gotten here by being herself even if that means provocative at times.

Here are some pics from the beyond amazing show she put on in Vancouver British Columbia on Sunday September 30 at Rogers Arena.

View of the Material Girl’s stage from our seats at Rogers Arena.

Madonna entered the stage on this lift in the background.


second last song but most energetic performance of the night “Like a Prayer”

Madonna MDNA tour set list from September 30 2012 at Rogers Arena, Vancouver British Columbia. Set list courtesy of setlist.fm


Again, and I can’t say this enough: hands down the greatest concert I’ve ever seen in my life, and if you have the opportunity to ever see her live, take it, you can’t put a price tag on seeing an entertainment legend like Madonna.

If you have seen her this year on this tour I would love to hear from you on what you thought of the show you saw.



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