Goodbye Grandma.

As some of you may or may not yet be aware, last Wednesday (November 14, 2012) I along with the rest of my family lost a very important family member.  My 83-year-old grandma passed away from a brain hemorrhage she sustained 3 days prior from a fall she took at her nursing home.

Over the past week it has been hard for me to really feel able to open up and talk about how this tragedy has affected me, but I have now come to the point where I feel willing and able to begin opening up about the loss of my beloved grandma.  Having said all this I am dedicating this blog post to the memory of my late Grandma Doreen.

My grandma was the kindest and sweetest grandma anyone could have ever asked for.  Grandma I will say is along with my mom one of the first people to get me interested in cooking or baking which was probably the start of my career journey as a chef.  I remember as a kid whenever my family would go visit my grandparents, grandma would always have a fresh batch of homemade cinnamon buns and perogies made for our arrival.  I also learned a lot about growing a successful garden and what all grows in the garden from her.

About 8 years ago when I finally moved out of my parents houses I found myself moving into my grandmas basement and adding another and somewhat different chapter to our grandma/grandson relationship as we now also were roommates so to say.  I spent a little over a year living in my grandmas basement.  Over this time we again came to be close, after drifting apart a little bit in the preceding years.  I would do some of her grocery shopping and we would some nights cook together, and watch TV, yes I became well versed in cheap daytime soaps, and trashy daytime talk shows.

Over the last few years my grandma suffered a few falls and a few minor setbacks but such is somewhat to be expected with age.  While losing her has been very hard on everyone in my family we all agree that grandma is now in a much better place where she is free from the pain and grief of aging and her latest and final fall.

Thank-you all so very much for taking the time to read this very emotional and personal post on my grandma, and how much she meant to me and how much I miss her now and forever.  If you have any questions please ask away and I’ll happily do my absolute best to answer them as best I can.

I would just like to share the two final pictures of my grandma and I (one is of me, her, and my wonderful loving wife Ashley) that will ever have been taken.



















Thank-you grandma for all the memories, and for being the best grandma I could have ever dreamt of.  I will always love and miss you more than words could ever tell. xoxo



4 thoughts on “Goodbye Grandma.

  1. Thinking of you, Ben. Your grandma sounds like a truly special woman and it’s amazing to hear about all of the time you had to spend with her, from growing up in the kitchen to making new memories as an adult. Beautifully written post.

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