Silver Linings Playbook.

This past weekend Ashley and I went to see “Silver Linings Playbook” starring: Bradley Cooper (the Hangover), Jennifer Lawrence (the Hunger Games), and Robert DeNiro.  This movie I felt was a brilliant and heartfelt look into two very different yet similar characters, and their quest for what we all want in life: a second chance, to be loved, and to be needed.
Our two main characters: Pat (Bradley Cooper), and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), both come from two very different and dark places in life.  Pat is getting a second chance at salvaging a marriage on the rocks with his wife Nikki after a stint in a mental health facility, and Tiffany is looking to restart her life after the sudden death of her husband.  The film also deals with family conflict between Pat and his father Pat Sr. (Robert DeNiro) who is attempting at times to steer Pat down a path that just may not in the end fit with Pat Jr’s belief in “silver linings”.
This movie is a true gem filled with an amazing cast including Jacki Weaver, and Chris Tucker, from Director: David O. Russell (The Fighter), that will make you laugh till it hurts, and cry till you have no more tears in you.  Without giving it all away I will tell you that this movie will have you cheering for an unlikeliest of heroes from beginning to end.
As well as seeing this movie this weekend I also purchased the novel by the same name from author: Matthew Quick.  I began reading the book this morning on my way into work on the commuter train and almost couldn’t put it down when I got to my stop (an instant classic novel in my mind). Upon completion of the book which I hope to be sometime by the end of this upcoming weekend or early next week at the latest I will post on this blog my book review of “Silver Linings Playbook”.
I highly recommend seeing this fabulous film, and if you have the chance picking up the book, or asking for it as a Christmas gift, you will not be disappointed in either I promise you all that. 
Who all has seen this film this weekend, or read the book?  If you have either what did/do you think about the movie or book?

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