Back to the bASICS.

Staying in shape and maintaining your stamina and discipline can often fall off during months where we don’t feel as motivated to exercise regularly, and depending on the activity we would normally do ie: outdoor running and where we live we  experience less than optimal running conditions due to say snow and ice in the winter months.  Both of these have been the case over the last month also paired with a busy schedule at work, and in my personal life.  However  this past weekend along with the start of a new month came a new outlook: while I might be busy, or the weather may be crummy I still need to make the time and take advantage of good weather days, and supplement with more frequent trips to the gym, as running on the “Dreadmill” (treadmill) is still better and better conditioning then no running.  Taking advantage of good weather days is a must for me here in Calgary, as we don’t see a great deal of “Good Weather Days” during late fall and winter here.

back to the asics

Tonight I did my third run in five days but my first real outdoor run in the last two months.  Tonight I went for a brisk but leisurely 3.25 mile run.  I was very pleased with my effort tonight as this was the first time in my life I’ve done a real outdoors run in December, and also that I went out and ran, and ran so eagerly through the cold and icy roads.

dec 5 run

This month it is very important to me that I stay motivated and continue making progress, as I will be switching to full-on training mode as of January 1, 2013 for the 2013 race season.  I hope to complete at least one to two half marathons, and hopefully even a full marathon in August.  As well as training a lot in the upcoming weeks and months I am hoping to rest and strengthen my right knee which is perpetually recovering from its six operations.  One other goal I hope and plan to achieve this month is to drop another three pounds before my birthday (December 30).  We’ll see how that goes, haha, but I am very optimistic.

I hope that through all the hustle and bustle, and yummy foods you will no doubt consume this month with the Christmas season upon us, you will make the time to look after yourself, and keep you fitness up.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  If you have any motivational stories I would love to hear about you and them.



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