Beautiful Banff Saturday.

Yesterday Ashley and I decided to head off to Banff Alberta for a little Rocky Mountain day trip.  Banff is 129km/80.2mi west of Calgary in western Alberta situated in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains.

banff 6

banff 1

While in Banff we used this as a great opportunity to do some more Christmas shopping, but instead of going to the traditional massive suburban urban shopping malls we were able to do it in a trendy beautiful Rocky Mountain town with street side shops many of which are uniquely local, independent, and Canadian, but also plenty of big name chain stores such as Lululemon, GAP, Roots, Starbucks, and more.

One of the must go to places for me yesterday was David’s Tea.  No, David’s tea is not a special to Banff tea boutiques, it is a chain of tea shops but it’s a shop that I’ve wanted to try for sometime and finally got around to trying yesterday in Banff. banff 2

The tea option I tried yesterday was a Santa’s Secret Soy Latte.  Santa’s Secret is composed of Chinese Black tea, peppermint leaves and spices, and topped with real crushed candy canes, a must try this holiday season if you’re at a David’s Tea.

banff 5

Another great find in the food and drink variety was a shop called “Beaver Tails”.  What is a Beaver Tail in terms of food you ask?  A Beaver Tail is a deep-fried pastry topped with delicious options such as: fruit, icing, cookies, nuts, etc..  Ashley and I decided to share a Beaver Tail and we each picked the topping combination for half of the tail.  Ashley chose vanilla icing with crumbled Oreo cookies, and I chose Apple slices in a sweet apple jelly and cinnamon sugar, our combination=AMAZING!!!!

In addition to eating, drinking, and buying unique Christmas gifts I have to admit I did buy on gift for myself.  I was overwhelmed to find this mug to add to my collection of Starbucks mugs.

banff 3

This was a beautiful date day trip for us just to get out of the big city and spend some time in the beautiful Canadian Rockies filled with smiles galore.

banff 4

Today we rounded out the weekend with a relaxing day in with brunch, followed by watching my Green Bay Packers clinch their second consecutive NFC North title with a huge 21-13 win in Chicago over division rival Chicago Bears. Now we’re looking to get a first round bye in next months NFL playoffs and eventually another Super Bowl title in February in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Hopefully you all had as wonderful of a weekend as we had.

I’d love to hear if anybody had any wonderful and memorable experiences this weekend.



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