LASIK Has Changed My Life!

Last Friday I took the plunge and got LASIK!!!!! Eeeeeekkkk so exciting right???? I know, I know I sound like a 16-year-old girl with that, haha!

Now in all seriousness LASIK has changed my life.  Here we are 4 and a half days after the procedure and I will say I can see so good.  My vision I would say is now better post LASIK then it ever was even with glasses, and so convenient without the hassle of having to reach for glasses in the morning when I wake up, being able to fall asleep when and wherever I want without having to remember to take off the glasses and put them someplace safe.  Another HUGE convenience is not having to deal with the hassle of contact lenses which if you wear contacts you know how much it sucks if you fall asleep with the lenses in your eye, Yuck!



Now getting ready for LASIK was beyond easy, all that was required was attending a consultation with my LASIK clinic, and got tested to make sure that my eyes were suitable for the procedure, and setting up the financing payment plan (the cost is the hardest part of the whole procedure, lol).  The consultation for me was 1 week prior to the surgery.  Starting the day of the consultation I began taking lubricating eye drops 4 times/day as ensuring proper lubrication of the eyes prior to getting LASIK’d is imperative to the success of the procedure.

The day of the surgery I arrived at the clinic and was administered a final set of eye examinations, and was given all my after-care instructions, as well as my post-op antibiotics.

LASIK aftercare package.

LASIK after-care package.

After the final eye exams, and the post-op package, and antibiotics were explained it was off to the mighty LASIK operating room to get my eyes zapped, lol.  The procedure itself is beyond amazingly simple and 99% pain-free.  The surgery you are kept awake for as it takes about a combined 15-20 minutes in total.  You lay on the operating bed thingy with your head positioned under the laser machine, where the ophthalmologist drops eye numbing drops, followed by surgical tape taping your eye lids open (this is seriously the most painful part of the whole procedure.  After your eye lids are taped a small flap will be cut in your cornea creating your corneal flap (a doorway for the laser), next a small circular clamp is placed on your eye-ball causing your vision to go dark in that eye for about 5 seconds, followed by your vision returning but blurry and what you’re now looking at is a red dot light which you focus on as it turns to a red and green starburst this lasts for all of 5 seconds this is also the LASIK taking place.  The only thing left at this point is for them to repeat this process with the second eye.

About an hour after the LASIK procedure, both with and without the awesomely cool LASIK sunglasses.

About an hour after the LASIK procedure, both with and without the awesomely cool LASIK sunglasses.


Following the procedure I was kept for observation for roughly 30 minutes and administered my first set of antibiotic drops.  Now yes the rumors are true… after receiving LASIK you I was given this awesomely cool spaceaged sunglasses to wear for the first twenty-four hours post op at all times including while I slept, after the first twenty-four hours the sunglasses only need to be worn indoors while I slept for the next twenty-four and whenever I’m outside for the remainder of the first week, though after the first forty-eight I was allowed to switch to my own and less geeky Oakley’s, haha!  Saturday morning I did have to return to the clinic for my day after post-op check-up which I passed with flying colors, and my next appointment is scheduled for this Friday afternoon.  Also as of today I get to rid myself of two of the four antibiotic drops, woo-hoo!!

Again I will say that the whole procedure has changed not only my vision, but my life, and I would do it again without a moment’s hesitation guaranteed.  The most important part of the post-op/healing regime is following the after-care instructions, and keeping up with the antibiotic drops as prescribed, and attending ALL of your post-op follow-up appointments as directed by the clinic.

If you are someone who has ever thought about getting LASIK I’ll say this… Do yourself a favor and book yourself a consultation and if you’re eligible for the procedure GET IT DONE!! It will change your vision and you’re whole life, I promise.

For any further information I invite you to check out the website of the clinic where I got mine done: (this is a Canadian company), or the website of your local LASIK clinic.

If you have any questions for me or if you’re looking for a personal opinion I would love to hear from you, and will be happy to answer any questions I can.



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