Marathon Training Has Begun!

So here it is, I am officially announcing that: assuming all training goes well and assuming that my right knee (which as many of you by now know has had 6 operations on it) hold up, I am officially training for what will be my first MARATHON this upcoming august in Edmonton Alberta.  Prior to the Marathon in August I will again if all goes according to plan I will be running a half marathon in April, followed by a 5 km and 10 km race both in May, all three of those races will be in here in Calgary.

For the marathon preparation I WILL be following a comprehensive marathon training program, I just haven’t quite yet decided which program I will be choosing.

Tonight I ran outside for the first time in 39 days and let me tell you… It felt amazing to get out there on the pavement running instead of indoor and treadmill running which if you’re a serious runner you’ll agree I’m sure that indoor and treadmill running is a poor substitute for outdoor/asphalt running.

The run tonight I won’t lie wasn’t quite what I had ideally hoped it to be but still an amazing run, and what made it even better is: the knee held up through 3.75 miles/6 km and is still feeling pain-free, fingers crossed it still feels this great in the morning.  The biggest problem for me tonight was between the cold frigid air and my forgetting my asthma inhaler at home, and a lack of kleenex to blow my nose (lol), I had a difficult time at times breathing, but I persevered and slowed down a bit when and were needed and completed my set run.

I am looking forward to getting out at least once more this week for another short training run.

Post run feeling pretty darn fierce.

Post run feeling pretty darn fierce.












Happy running everybody!




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