All Cleared to Run!

As some of you may have seen this picture on Instagram this afternoon. IMG_2538










I had a great afternoon and evening highlighted by receiving the green light from my orthopedic surgeon to run this upcoming race season which will be highlighted by the running of my first ever marathon on Sunday May 26th here in Calgary.

Now coming into my check up with my surgeon regarding my 6 times over operated on right knee I won’t lie I was just a little worried that due to some intense swelling at times over the last few months that I was going to be told that either I need to have a 7th operation this year or even just that I would need to take this year off running.  What I heard though to my happiness was that my knee has not deteriorated much if any over the last two years and that there is at this point no logical reason to operate and no need for me to shelve the runners for this upcoming race season.  It was speculated that the excess swelling as of late is directly a result of the intense training I’ve been putting my knees and body through, but with proper ice, pain killers, and elevation, and of course training there’s no reason at all why I won’t be able to accomplish this goal of mine.

On a side note if anyone in the Calgary area or will be in the Calgary area the weekend of May 25 & 26 and are looking for a great run to participate in at 5Km, 10KM, Half or Full Marathon I encourage you to check out and come run with me. logo_scbm2012b




Thank-you all as always for taking the time and taking an interest in my blog.

Love to you all!


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