Welcome Home Diesel.

Last Sunday (March 24, 2013) Ashley and I officially welcomed the newest member of our little family, Diesel a 9-year-old pomeranian-maltese cross.  We adopted/took him over from Ashley’s mom as she was looking to find alternate living arrangements for the little fellow as he is believed to be suffering from “Cushing’s Syndrome” which is a disease caused by excessive cortisol which is usually caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland.  This disease can lead to a lack of control of the bladder.  I say “he is believed to be suffering from” because we are still awaiting the lab results from the vet from yesterday.  If Diesel is found to have Cushing’s Disease we can and will have him begin medication right away, and hopefully the medication will begin to alleviate many if not all of the symptoms almost immediately.  While the meds can’t reverse the symptoms or disease they can absolutely make life more manageable for owner and pets alike.

Enough with the sad talk, and back to talking about our latest family addition. IMG_2573










Diesel has been coming over to spend almost every weekend this year, so that just made the choice that much easier for Ashley and I to adopt him last weekend.




























As you can see…. Diesel loves sleeping with us on our bed, and yes I’m including him in “our”, haha!

Another fun thing for Ashley and I with having a dog has been shopping for him and his stuff at PetSmart.

One thing I’m definitely being reminded of in having a dog is…. “It’s a dogs world, and we’re just living in it.” haha!!!  Around here just as I’m sure it is in your house if you own a dog, the dog/s call the shots.

Anyway this little guy has made me over the moon happy and I just can’t give him enough love and attention.  Needless to say if you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter at @BenELR you will definitely be seeing a lot more of Diesel, and reading more post that involve him here on my blog.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this post, and may your dog bring so much love and happiness into you and your family’s life.


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