The Ninja!!

Last weekend Ashley and I bid our old conventional blender farewell and welcomed our brand spanking new Ninja 3 speed blender into our family.  Now I will admit I used to be skeptical that a blender could be that much better than a traditional 4 blade blender, but I am here to say… Yes, yes it most certainly is. IMG_2833






















The centre blade pillar blends food and liquids while crushing ice and other frozen objects in mere seconds and with no annoying chunks of food of ice left to go in your drink.

























Creating the perfect smoothie to go alongside that morning coffee has never been easier or more fun in our home.  Cleaning the Ninja is just as easy as making that perfect drink.  All I do is put a small squirt of liquid dish soap into the blender fill it 1/4 – 1/3 full of warm-hot but not boiling water, close the lid  put it back on the blender stand and blend on speed 1 for about 5-7 seconds then pour out the soapy solution. then a quick simple wipe out with a warm wet clean dish cloth and you’re all set for the next blending session, I just remind you that these blades are RAZOR sharp so please be careful when handling the blades.













For those of you who have one of these AMAZING kitchen appliances I’m sure you agree that this is one appliance no house can go wrong with having.  If you’re thinking of getting one… GO GET ONE…NOW!!! You won’t regret it I promise.

Happy Blending!!!



#BostonStrongCalgary . A Week After: A Run For Boston.


Thanks to fellow blogger “Pavement Runner” I am taking on the task, no responsibility, no wait… honor of organizing a “Boston Strong” run in Calgary Alberta, Canada on Monday April 22, 2013 at Edworthy Park in Calgary.

The idea was created by Pavement Runner and can best be summed up as follows:

A run for us to unite and show our strength.
A run for those that were unable to finish.
A run for those that may never run again.
A run for us to try and make sense of the tragedy that has forever changed something we love.

This was an honor I couldn’t pass by.  As an avid runner, and as of next month a Marathoner, this is a tragedy in both the running community and just in civilization that has bent me but will not break me.  If anything this tragedy is only making me stronger as both a runner and a member of society.

The tragic events of this past Monday April 15, 2013 at the 117th Boston Marathon rocked me on a somewhat personal level as a good friend of mine, her dad was less than 100 yards away from the blast sight when the first explosion erupted, and his wife was a spectator around the finish line.  Thank-God they are both alive, safe, and doing well back home in Calgary.  Sadly though many others both runners, and spectators were not nearly as lucky as my friends parents.  Organizing this run on this upcoming Monday evening is just one way in which I am paying my respect to those who in one way or another didn’t make it out so well, and may never lace up their sneakers again, also on May 26th my run at the 49th Calgary Marathon I will be running and completing my first marathon not only for myself, but also for all those who couldn’t and will never again finish a marathon.

More details on my “Boston Strong Calgary. A Week After: A Run For Boston” #BostonStrongCalgary can be found on the Facebook event page

Further details on how this initiative came to be by Pavement Runner along with a list of all the runs that are popping up for Monday April 22 can be found

Thank-You all for taking the time to grieve for those lost in this tragedy and to read this post, and I hope to see as many of you as possible in the Calgary Area, and other cities taking part in this great cause on Monday!


Accountability Diet week 1.

So here I am One week into my “Accountability Diet” and I am already down 7 yes SEVEN pounds.  That means I have only 3 lbs left to lose to reach my weight loss goal.

Now I won’t lie I didn’t eat every meal or every snack as clean as I wish I would have, but what I did do this week was I was 110% honest with myself with everything I consumed both food and drink.

I am currently tracking my food consumption on both and “Jillian Michaels slim down” app on the iPhone, as well as tracking all my physical activity.

All the details of what my “Accountability Diet” entails and requires can be found here on my blog at in the post: “Accountability Diet”.

If you use Spark People friend me username: ELRBEN and you can see my progress there or if you’re on instagram follow me at: @BenELR or check out what I’m eating with the hashtag: #accountabilitydiet

Thanks for taking the time and interest to view my progress, and please check back next Monday for my next update on the diet!


Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life.

This past Saturday night I went with Ashley, and her mom to the Calgary stop on Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life tour.  If you’ve never seen Jillian Michaels in person I’ll tell you this… Jillian is HUMAN, she is down to earth, calm, and she shows a soft and even sensitive side all while still projecting that “Hardass” and no BS persona that has made her famous or as she puts it at times infamous on T.V.’s “The Biggest Loser”. IMG_2763










During her 3 hour minus 15 minute intermission show, Jillian talked about topics such as diet, fitness, emotions, food shopping tips.  But one of my favorite parts were the points where she drew on her personal life and some of the experiences she has encountered in her personal and professional lives.  She shared with us how as a child she suffered from weight problems, eating problems, failed relationships which have led her to a happy fulfilled life with her life partner Heidi Rhoades and there two children, to jobs she hated so much she tried to get herself fired from.

What I found most fascinating and helpful in addition to really truly seeing that even Jillian Michaels isn’t perfect, was learing about some of the ways that food manufactures disguise items such as added sugar and how there are over 40 different names for added sugar products according to the US FDA.  This fact both scared and disgusted me.  Also having it reminded to me the age-old thought that if you can’t pronounce the ingredient you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Another fascinating point that had never really donned on me prior is that even items that according to their nutritional label have 0 calories, they still probably have a caloric value greater than zero depending on how much of that product your consuming.  This is all based on what the ingredients of the product are, and if the caloric value of a serving is .4 calories/serving or less the food manufacturer is by law allowed to round the total caloric value down to zero, (be aware of this misleading fact).

Also Jillian drew on some of her big topics from her books and workout DVD’s.













I am saying this not only cause she’s my second/back up wife, haha, I am also saying this as someone who’s very interested and up to date on nutrition, fitness, and overall health; this was the best live speaking event I’ve ever seen, and I highly recommend seeing her if you have the opportunity on this current tour of hers, and if not at least reading her books.  Tickets and tour dates can be found on her website at .

Allow Jillian Michaels to help you Maximize Your Life!


Accountability Diet.

As you may or may not be aware yesterday I signed up to compete in my first ever Marathon running race here in Calgary at the 49th annual Calgary Marathon on Sunday May 26, 2013.

In honor of this almost achievement I decided yesterday that starting today for the 55 days until the Calgary Marathon I was starting what I have named the “Accountability Diet”.  On this diet I am hoping to lose 10 lbs between today (April 1) and race day (May 26).

Now “what is the accountability diet?” you ask….   Now let me ask you this… How many of us have ever started a calorie counting diet and cheated on how many calories we’ve consumed daily?  If you have dieted and never cheated then I sincerely congratulate you but for the rest of us out there I am here to share with you how I am gonna do this this time.

For this diet I am using the free diet program available on-line at .  Now I have used Spark People on different occasions and experienced success on it, but each time I will admit I have cheated on my calorie counting, but this time I’m doing EVERYTHING 110% honestly.  One of my biggest faults in the past has always been to alter my foods to ensure my calories fall within my caloric range, but this time I’m documenting everything and everything 100% accurately even if it pushes me over the high-end of my caloric range.

This is a view of my day of eating today on (yes both good and bad choices but 110% honest).

This is a view of my day of eating today on (yes both good and bad choices but 110% honest).














I would also like to acknowledge other diet and fitness tracking sites such as .

If you too happen to be a Spark People user please friend me username: ELRBen .

Also please check back every Monday from today until the 27th of May to read about my progress from week to week.


As always thank-you for taking the time to read this post.



Ps. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend this past weekend.  Me and my family thoroughly enjoyed our holiday weekend.