#BostonStrongCalgary . A Week After: A Run For Boston.


Thanks to fellow blogger “Pavement Runner” I am taking on the task, no responsibility, no wait… honor of organizing a “Boston Strong” run in Calgary Alberta, Canada on Monday April 22, 2013 at Edworthy Park in Calgary.

The idea was created by Pavement Runner and can best be summed up as follows:

A run for us to unite and show our strength.
A run for those that were unable to finish.
A run for those that may never run again.
A run for us to try and make sense of the tragedy that has forever changed something we love.

This was an honor I couldn’t pass by.  As an avid runner, and as of next month a Marathoner, this is a tragedy in both the running community and just in civilization that has bent me but will not break me.  If anything this tragedy is only making me stronger as both a runner and a member of society.

The tragic events of this past Monday April 15, 2013 at the 117th Boston Marathon rocked me on a somewhat personal level as a good friend of mine, her dad was less than 100 yards away from the blast sight when the first explosion erupted, and his wife was a spectator around the finish line.  Thank-God they are both alive, safe, and doing well back home in Calgary.  Sadly though many others both runners, and spectators were not nearly as lucky as my friends parents.  Organizing this run on this upcoming Monday evening is just one way in which I am paying my respect to those who in one way or another didn’t make it out so well, and may never lace up their sneakers again, also on May 26th my run at the 49th Calgary Marathon I will be running and completing my first marathon not only for myself, but also for all those who couldn’t and will never again finish a marathon.

More details on my “Boston Strong Calgary. A Week After: A Run For Boston” #BostonStrongCalgary can be found on the Facebook event page  http://www.facebook.com/events/447003238722105/

Further details on how this initiative came to be by Pavement Runner along with a list of all the runs that are popping up for Monday April 22 can be found  http://pavementrunner.com/boston-strong-city/

Thank-You all for taking the time to grieve for those lost in this tragedy and to read this post, and I hope to see as many of you as possible in the Calgary Area, and other cities taking part in this great cause on Monday!


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