The Ninja!!

Last weekend Ashley and I bid our old conventional blender farewell and welcomed our brand spanking new Ninja 3 speed blender into our family.  Now I will admit I used to be skeptical that a blender could be that much better than a traditional 4 blade blender, but I am here to say… Yes, yes it most certainly is. IMG_2833






















The centre blade pillar blends food and liquids while crushing ice and other frozen objects in mere seconds and with no annoying chunks of food of ice left to go in your drink.

























Creating the perfect smoothie to go alongside that morning coffee has never been easier or more fun in our home.  Cleaning the Ninja is just as easy as making that perfect drink.  All I do is put a small squirt of liquid dish soap into the blender fill it 1/4 – 1/3 full of warm-hot but not boiling water, close the lid  put it back on the blender stand and blend on speed 1 for about 5-7 seconds then pour out the soapy solution. then a quick simple wipe out with a warm wet clean dish cloth and you’re all set for the next blending session, I just remind you that these blades are RAZOR sharp so please be careful when handling the blades.













For those of you who have one of these AMAZING kitchen appliances I’m sure you agree that this is one appliance no house can go wrong with having.  If you’re thinking of getting one… GO GET ONE…NOW!!! You won’t regret it I promise.

Happy Blending!!!



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