Calgary Floods 2013.

Happy Summer Solstice 2013.  Even those of us in Calgary, AB are experiencing the official first day of Summer 2013 today, though not a happy Summer Solstice for Calgary and much of Southern Alberta as much of Calgary and southern Alberta as either evacuated due to flooding or are possibly due for evacuation notice later today.

The flooding is due to  excessive rain over the past week causing the swelling of the two main rivers in the Greater Calgary area (the Bow river, and the Elbow river).  At this point over 100,000 of the Greater Calgary areas roughly 1.25 million residents have been evacuated or are potentially yet gonna be forced to evacuate their homes.  Much of downtown Calgary has been shut down due to extreme amounts of water on the streets in some areas amounts are in excess of 1 meter deep.

In the city of Canmore, AB about 60 miles west of Calgary, and the town of Bragg Creek, AB southwest homes have even tragically been washed away, as well in the town of High River, AB leaving thousands not just out of their homes for the time being, but now homeless.  People in Greater Calgary have been advised to stay home and especially staying away from the rivers, and flood areas.

Luckily for Ashley, Diesel (our dog), and I we live up in high elevation suburban Calgary so we are at least for now all safe and sound but our thoughts and prayers are with all those not so lucky this first day of summer.

Below are a number of great websites providing coverage and forecasts from the Calgary and Southern Alberta areas affected:

Here are some of the gripping pictures from the Greater Calgary area floods occurring right now: *All pictures courtesy of *

lower deck of the Centre street bridge is completely under water.

lower deck of the Centre street bridge is completely under water.

Parking lot downtown and train tunnel submerged.

Parking lot downtown and train tunnel submerged.

Calgary Stampede and Exhibition grounds flooded out.

Calgary Stampede and Exhibition grounds flooded out.


Calgary Stampede barns under water

Calgary Stampede barns under water

This is for real!

This is for real!

Police car stranded in the flood!

Police car stranded in the flood!

Calgary Fire Department members on a rescue mission.

Calgary Fire Department members on a rescue mission.
































To all of those in Calgary and Southern Alberta please be smart and stay in, and remember if you’re told to evacuate do as told, you’re being evacuated for your safety and the safety of those you care most about!

Also for info if you’re in the Greater Calgary area you can connect with the City of Calgary via telephone by dialing 311.

for those of you out of the Greater Calgary area, and southern Alberta area consider yourselves lucky, and I hope you’re enjoying true Summer Solstice weather.

Happy Summer 2013!! 🙂


Last Chance Workout Weigh In.

As talked about in the previous post on this blog; I am a huge supporter of the idea of a “Last Chance Workout” as seen in NBC’s hit reality  weight loss show The Biggest Loser.  The whole idea is having a huge hardcore workout prior to your weekly weigh in to hopefully maximize your total weight loss for that week.

Last Saturday I did my own “Last Chance Workout” in preparation for my weekly Sunday morning weigh in.

Now while I ended up not losing any weight on my weigh-in last Sunday (June 16, 2013) from my previous weigh in: Sunday June 9, 2013, I also didn’t gain any weight over that week which considering I really allowed my eating, and working out that week to slide primarily due to a very busy work week was an ok result by me.

I will however say this I’m very glad I took advantage of my Last Chance Workout last Saturday which I know had it not been for I surely would have ended up gaining at least a lb or two, lol!

Hopefully when I step on the scale this Sunday I’ll be at least a little happier with my results, but only time will tell.  🙂

Happy working out, weighing in, and results to all!


Last Chance Workout.

Now those of you who have or do still watch NBC’s hit reality weight loss show starring my two favorite celebrity trainers: Bob Harper, and Ms. Jillian Michaels are more than familiar with the phrase: “LAST CHANCE WORKOUT”,  and therefore get what it is all about.  For those who’ve never see the show… the “Last Chance Workout” is the workout/s the day before the contestants weekly weigh in.  Last Chance Workout is quite often the most intense, and most important workout/s of the week for the contestants as they must strive to squeeze off those final pounds for the week before weigh in the following day.

Now for me I typically will weigh in on the scale Sunday mornings including tomorrow morning, which created for me this weekend the opportunity to make today my “Last Chance Workout” this week. My goal for tomorrows weigh in is… 187.5 which will be down 2 lbs from last Sundays weekly weigh in and down 4.5 from two weeks ago.

My LCW (Last Chance Workout) today included a 64 minute 10km run, a 30 minute indoor run, 30 minutes of Yoga flow, and 26 minutes of total body strength training.  In total today in 150 minuets of training I burned 1374 calories!  Hopefully today was good enough to get me the numbers I’m looking for, but for that we will have to wait till tomorrow morning,  I do promise though I will do a follow-up post to this tomorrow with the verdict!


Till tomorrow….. Happy fitnessing everyone!


Coconut Lime Shrimp Skewers.

I made these last weekend for my dads birthday dinner, I just didn’t really get a chance to post the recipe this past week between working a crazy busy week, and spending time with Ashley before she went to Boston on Wednesday with her mom before their cruise from Beantown up the Eastern seaboard to Atlantic Canada, (you all know how the busy life goes!! 😉 )

Any way here we go with the recipe.


– 1tbsp minced fresh ginger

– tbsp minced garlic

– 1tbsp freshly grated lime zest

– 2tbsp fresh lime juice

– 1 14oz can coconut milk

– 1.5lbs large shrimp (approximately 40-45 shrimp) peeled and deveined

– 0.5tsp coarse salt

– 2 lime wedges for squeezing

– 0.5 cups sweetened shredded coconut

– 1 large yellow or white onion cut into medium-sized squares

– 1 large green or red pepper cut into medium-sized squares

– 0.25 cups extra virgin olive oil

– wooden skewers



-In a medium to large mixing bowl combine first 6 ingredients making sure all the shrimps are immersed in the liquid mixture.  Cover bowl and chill for anywhere between 1 and 24 hours.

-Soak wooden skewers in water for about an hour-two hours to moisten the skewers to minimize burning of the wood.

-Pre-heat a grill to 450-500 degrees.

-Arrange shrimp and onion and pepper squares on skewers (how much you want on each skewer is up to you)

-Cook assembled skewers on hot grill until flesh of the shrimp has turned pink and becomes slightly charred (about three – five minutes per side, however times can vary from grill to grill).

-Lightly brush each side of the skewer shrimp, onions, and peppers included to prevent sticking to the grill.

-Remove skewers from the grill, and assemble on a serving platter and garnish with coarse salt, squeezed lime juice, and shredded coconut.

-Serve and enjoy!
















Happy Cooking!