Last Chance Workout.

Now those of you who have or do still watch NBC’s hit reality weight loss show starring my two favorite celebrity trainers: Bob Harper, and Ms. Jillian Michaels are more than familiar with the phrase: “LAST CHANCE WORKOUT”,  and therefore get what it is all about.  For those who’ve never see the show… the “Last Chance Workout” is the workout/s the day before the contestants weekly weigh in.  Last Chance Workout is quite often the most intense, and most important workout/s of the week for the contestants as they must strive to squeeze off those final pounds for the week before weigh in the following day.

Now for me I typically will weigh in on the scale Sunday mornings including tomorrow morning, which created for me this weekend the opportunity to make today my “Last Chance Workout” this week. My goal for tomorrows weigh in is… 187.5 which will be down 2 lbs from last Sundays weekly weigh in and down 4.5 from two weeks ago.

My LCW (Last Chance Workout) today included a 64 minute 10km run, a 30 minute indoor run, 30 minutes of Yoga flow, and 26 minutes of total body strength training.  In total today in 150 minuets of training I burned 1374 calories!  Hopefully today was good enough to get me the numbers I’m looking for, but for that we will have to wait till tomorrow morning,  I do promise though I will do a follow-up post to this tomorrow with the verdict!


Till tomorrow….. Happy fitnessing everyone!


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